Vibration AND sound for texts?

Hey guys,

This is my first post on these forums and probably a very easy fix. I recently switched over to the Galaxy S3 on Verizon from a Droid 2 Global. So far I love the phone, but there's one thing that's a little frustrating. On the Droid 2 I was able to go into the messaging app and tweak the settings so that the phone Always vibrated when I received a notification- whether it was on Silent or had full volume. I can't seem to do this with the S3.

I know there's the obvious slider that turns off the volume to make it vibrate. There's also a setting in the messaging app: Notification Settings -> Vibrate Which I have set to "Always." For some reason though this doesn't work when I have all of my volume settings up, though.

So what I'm asking is: Is there any way for me to have full volume settings and still receive vibration notifications for calls and text? Any help is appreciated- thank you!