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Vibration too soft/ Text mess too low

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kato12, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Kato12

    Kato12 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else experiencing vibration being too soft. I have it turned up all the way in the settings, but still can barely feel it when the phone rings. I keep it on vibrate at work and miss calls all the time. Even the text message notification is too low. I can have the ringer turned all the way up and still to soft???

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  2. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Member

    Yes, just was looking on here to see if anyone else had posted about this, and if I am right on top of the phone or am holding it I hear a slight noise and if holding it feel the most pathetic vibration if you can even call it that.
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    It is plausable that the vibration device could be defective.

    You might stop by a location that has a skyrocket display and compare
  4. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Member

    Good idea
  5. bk11222

    bk11222 Member

    i'm disappointed with the sound alert options for incoming calls, texts and emails. what are my options to expand my choices? i have a mac book. will this complicate my ability to download ringtones etc? also i am not tech savvy, so if rooting my phone is an option, i'm afraid to go there.

    great forum guys.
  6. bk11222

    bk11222 Member

    just returned from manhatten with my first real time run w the skyrocket. my download speedtest performed between 1 and 4 pm were: 19.38, 9.5, 11.47, 24.47 and 13.53. i was in the east village and LES so not skyscrapers to interfere.

    i'm still having a difficult time hearing alerts above the city traffic. i also do not feel the phone vibrate in my back jeans pocket. i downloaded the old telephone alert for my ringer. one thing i did notice on the skyrocket is that quite often when i go to put my phone asleep, as i press that button i also inadvertantly press the volume rocker, hopefully being aware of this might help with this issue
  7. Naromo

    Naromo Lurker

    I have the same 'gentle vibration' issue even though the settings are all the way up. I took it out of the Otter Box case and literally had it sitting naked on the table next to me as I had my wife call me. One short (mild) vibration that I almost missed even though I was sitting there waiting for it. I NEVER feel the vibration when the phone is in my pocket. :-( It doesn't sound as though mine is an isolated issue. The rest of the phone is great. Switched from a Nexus One that I loved but that had run out of onboard capacity. LTE (Chicagoland area) is fantastic. Even with bad vibration and no notification light I don't think I could go back to 3G or even HSPA+.
  8. Iamdunne

    Iamdunne Member

    Yes text message issues so ATT had me usingher phone for another week, so got done using htc Inspire for week that vibrate shakes when on my desk this one is rather sad.
  9. Sirrah

    Sirrah Lurker

    Anyone found a fix for this??? It can be annoying to realize that you have a text message, several hours AFTER receiving it.
  10. mcbaes72

    mcbaes72 Newbie

    Same here, vibration too soft even with settings maxed out.

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