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Video attachment /Gmail / Txting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bacon369, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Bacon369

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    Wasn't too sure where to post this. Hopefully this will help some out and or get some feedback to dig deeper into what I have experienced. Only had Moto Droid for 4 days.
    The video sending / receiving & attaching / previewing seems to be a web of illogical goo.
    Some have had issues sending vids, I have noticed that "attaching" must be initiated from the video itself. Go into your gallery, pick a vid to share, press down on it and HOLD, you will get the options to share. (emailing seems to have people the most frustrated and I feel ya.) If you started an email First, and then attempt to attach anything, it will only allow pics.

    If you go to your Camera and then set it to 'video' with the thumb slider. You can only record in two resolutions:

    1. Low (for MMS messages)
    A. I can send low res (MMS) videos via 'txt' messaging
    . I can receive and view MMS quality vids (through txting).
    . I can also save those MMS vids , simply press and hold on the screen, a window will pop up with options, one is to save to your SD card. Finger placement can be a task on its own. I place my finger and hold right in between the video and its "subject tag" ( subject tag looks like this <Subject: VID 00007.xGP>
    . When it comes to Gmail, I can send Low Res to anyone, however, I am UNABLE to send/attach Low Res MMS to my personal Gmail acct. It must be in High Quality to send & to preview:thinking:
    . I cannot view Low Res video attachments from Gmail, the preview option does not come up. However, if it is of higher quility, BAM - I can preview it (Sometimes :mad:)

    2. High ( for SD cards)
    A. No real crazy issues with this. Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Wifi, ect.. work great. (so far)

    I am a Verizon customer and my buddy was using a BB on the same network to assist. I haven't had a chance to test vids from other providers.

    My only guess here is that all of this stems from some BullS**t with Verizon and the way they handle txt messaging fees, in combination with the bugs of a first generation phone.
    Plus, Different networks vs. Different phones. The OS can only do so much.

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