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video chat

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rugmankc, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry to intrude guys,

    I am running a rooted N1, but am switching from Cincy Bell to TMO.

    May get my son an android, seems the myTouch 4g is the best choice.

    Can you run tango on it and video chat with an iPhone 4g. My other son who is in Cleveland, we're in Dayton, has the iPhone. Not sure if I want to spend the money if video chat is useless to us.

    Any number 2 choice with TMO if I don't get the MT4g.

    One final question? Is the current TMO MT4g running 2.2 Froyo and Adobe Flash capable?



    Edit: Found a video with dev and seems to support it, anyone use it.

    Also, only neg I saw on MT was low speaker volume, any comments.

    Best 2nd choice seems to be Vibrant, no dual camera.

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  2. Austin2048

    Austin2048 Newbie

    Yes the mytouch 4g runs 2.2 froyo. I own one and the flash experience is pretty good. IMO the mytouch is better than the vibrant. The vibrant does have a nicer screen but the mytouch feels more solidly built than the vibrant does. The vibrant feels plasticy while the mytouch has a nice metal battery door and hard soft touch plastic which feels very nice and sturdy. The vibrant runs a vanilla version of android where the mytouch 4g has htc sense android. Htc sense has a much nicer interface and you can personalize it a lot more. The speaker is a little low but its not too bad. The earpiece has great sound. and i just checked the android market, there is a free tango video chat app.

    In my opinion you should go with the mytouch 4g. Its a great solidly built phne with a great interface and plenty of personalizations
  3. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Austin,

    I am leaning toward the MT4g since it runs 2.2 it has Adobe Flash. I ran a ported MT4g on my rooted N1 for awhile and liked sense very much, esp the widgets. Sounds like you are talking about the actual ext speaker as low and the earpiece normally used for calls is fine. I misunderstood the reviews.

    I found and installed Tango on my N1, but need to wait till I finally activate the TMO account and get my current CBW number back on my N1, so as not to confuse Tango. Have a temp number now for the 14 day trial. Only one camera, but can improvise.

    I forgot the reviews, but it does have a full size headphone jack?

  4. revs1227

    revs1227 Member

    yes i have used tango with an iphone 4
    works fine
    atleast on my end lol
    imo mt4g is lightyears ahead of vibrant
    unless u wana wait 4 vibrant 4g??
    but still mt4g is abetter phone
  5. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks revs,

    Like your subtle ding on iPhone. My other son has the iPhone 4g, so I know what you mean. But, he's been Apple for over 20 years.

    MT4g it is. My recent research points to that conclusion also.

    Thanks to all, nice members here. Been on the N1 forum for awhile and not here lately. So, good to see another quality thread.

  6. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    I love the mytouch 4g's videochat capabilities now that i worked out issues i had with it

    Tango works perfectly and I videochat with my friends who have iphone 4 and Evo/Epic(although epic to mytouch is flaky)
  7. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks carmendiva,

    Appreciate your reply :)
  8. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    my pleasure :)
  9. Renarudo

    Renarudo Lurker

    What "issues" did you have that you worked out?

    I have a rooted MY4G, and I can't seem to get Qik working AT ALL. Also, Tango seems to be weird, showing either me or the other person as upside down (talking to another person with rooted MT4G).

    Not too happy with Oovoo because it lingers in my notification bar without my permission.

    I GUESS I could resort to Yahoo!, but only in extreme circumstances.
  10. carmendiva

    carmendiva Android Expert

    Ummm basically sound issues i had where one of us couldn't hear the other one and then there was the case where only one could see the other but the other couldn't see them...

    i got a new mytouch and it works a lot better
  11. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    myTouch 4g and moving to TMobile in doubt--:mad:


    I have an N1 on CBW with 2 Nokia 6126's
    Want to move to TMO and take advantage of the VDay Sale to get the MT4g free.

    Currently trialing the N1 and 2 LG dlites on TMO with their phone numbers.
    Would move my N1 to TMO, unlimited data plan. Get an LG dLite for wife, free I hope, no data. And a free MT4g, 200mb data plan. All on 750 minute Family Plan.

    Store says for VDay sale, MT4g must have unlimited data plan even though I already have it on the N1. My son doen't need the unlimited plan, believe me. :) More of a one phone for voice and mp3 player. As opposed to his nokia for voice and iPhone from brother he uses as a mp3 player (has no data plan since it won't work on CBW, and not jailbreaking). I also would like to play with the video chat.

    CSR rep says I can:

    Put the unlimited plan on MT4g and 200mb on N1, keep the trial TMO numbers we have on the phones until leaving store. Then swap sims so N1 now has unlimited plan and MT4g has the 200mb. After that, call TMO CSR and port the CBW phone numbers that we currently have to the phones we are now using, one at a time over 3 days. Says it goes faster that way and we have skirted the TMO requirement for unlimited data on the MT4g as the free phone.

    I have plenty of rooting experience, but know squat about switching sims. Does this sound like a good idea? What problems could I incur?

    I want unlimited data on my N1 and the same phone number I currently have with CBW and wife and son to have their current CBW phone numbers on their new phones.


  12. Kimbernator

    Kimbernator Member

    Switching sims is not a dangerous procedure, it's just pulling the sim card out of the back of the phone (If it's tmo it will be white/pink) and slipping it in to the sim card slot on the other one. It just carries the information about your plan and sometimes contacts/text messages. There isn't really any damage you can do.
  13. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Kim,

    I get phone tomorrow, and will do what CSR told me above to get the exact data plan I want on each phone. Research says the phone number goes with the sim. Of course after I port my CBW #'s it won't matter.

  14. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    One final question that came up with my research:

    Since the myTouch 4g would have a 4g sim, will that sim work in my N1? If not, I may be screwed [​IMG]

    And will my N1 sim they put in my phone work in the MT 4g. Don't know which one they put, guess that would help.

    I am talking about the MyTouch keeping 4g capability and my N1 working at all.

  15. Kimbernator

    Kimbernator Member

    Your sim is not specific to your plan. It simply tells your phone what services to use and relates to how much you are charged. Putting it in another phone is not risky.
  16. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    I will find out tomorrow how it all goes

  17. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    All done and working great--sims switched :)

    Thanks for all the help here--enjoy your MT4g's

    Me or my son may check in if needed :)

  18. rugmankc

    rugmankc Member
    Thread Starter

    Looked back a few pages and tried a couple key words here and on Google--no definitive answer:

    I called TMO CSR about high mb usage that I thought was out of line with our data usage in only a couple days. She said TMO charges for data usage even if connected to wifi. I don't believe this.

    I am talking about connecting to my home wifi for web surfing/android market/downloading etc. Not a lot. No voice. She must have misunderstood-right? Or, is that their canned answer.

    I will meter it with Smart Monitor on both phones-the N1 and MT4g.

    Gonna use skype-that should also be free as far as TMO is concerned.

    We did play with Tango over wifi-data and voice-for 5 minutes. Maybe that is charged?



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