Video in email supported on Android?


I have been playing around with sending video directly in email using HTML5 on Android phones and I am getting some strange behavior. It works fine on my HTC Incredible (on the native email app), but on some other phones I've tried, the player renders in the email but the video never loads.

I know it's not the video itself, because I've tried the same video in an HTML5 tag in the browser on these phones and it plays perfectly.

Has anyone else tried this before, and is there some configuration that needs to happen on those phones where it doesn't work? It seems like the HTML5 tag in the email app needs to be "hooked up" to a media player and it isn't by default.



Hi Walaka and welcome to Android Forums. I've never tried sending a vid directly.. only as an attachment. Interesting. You might want to check in with the Incredible owners... I bet they would be more than interested in your findings.
Here is a link to the Incredible discussion area: HTC Droid Incredible - Android Forums
Thanks for joining the AF community. And thanks for sharing your trials on sending vids direct using HTML5.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm actually more interested in why it DOESN'T work on the other phones, since I'd like to be able to send video in email and have it be consistently playable across hardware.

This almost seems like a bug in the Android OS, but I feel a little newbie-ish to even suggest it.