Help Video issue

Hi all, first post :cool:

i'm hoping someone can help me out i love my SII by far the best phone yet.... anyway while i was on holiday with the family i used my SII for both photos and video and they all come out really well the problem i have is one of the videos won't play back on anything other than the phone, it's a 1080p mp4 all the others play back fine but this one (~30mins) i have tried exporting it via kies and using windows explorer and importing it into both badaboom and Adobe Premiere Elements direct from the phone with no luck :( just "the importer reported a generic error"

so please if someone knows whats going on please let me know :)


Android Expert
Just reading this on my sgs2 and I know for sure this problem has been covered here before. Do a search, its here somewhere, if you can't find it I will look later when I have more time:)