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Video+Music Failure?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gluske, May 19, 2011.

  1. Gluske

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    So here's the deal. After 3 or so days (give or take 3 or more days) mp3s, videos, camera, etc. (all media) become useless. Trash.

    I got messages like: (paraphrased)

    "Recording failed" (camcorder)
    "Audio file not found" or "Sorry the file you wish to access does not exist"
    "Video failed to play"

    So I did what everyone does. Used the search functions on every android/galaxy s (I'm in Canada btw. Bell network) forum ever in existence.

    Weird! Nobody had a solution. Only by powering off/on the phone could the files be accessed again. Lots of people from all over the world reporting the problem and the usual replies:

    "Factory reset"
    "format SD"
    "task killers killed your media accessing software" (???)
    "Try a different music player" (doesn't explain youtube/internet/camera not being able to play videos)
    "..." (nothing. because most of these threads confuse everyone and nobody replies)

    I've tried ALL OF THE ABOVE. And probably anything you'll think of.

    Then I finally posted on a competitor's board (do boards compete? oh well) about it when some poor soul reposted the problem.

    We may have worked something out! (oh my!)

    We deleted the official twitter app, powered off/on the phone (also known as a reboot), then enjoyed life. It's been a week for myself, more for another poster, that files have been accessible!

    This has not been "100% verified" but seems to be working! Yay (for now).

    I'm going to break protocol and link to that other (and probably EVIL!) forum just so you guys know our thought process while doing this. You may noticed I thought I had this fixed before, and ofc it crept back up, so bear with me and try this (because you've probably tried everything else already)
    The other EVIL forum post

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