Video, nextflix, hulu, xfinity and more


Just got my nook last week. I am trilled, and really looking forward to using it. I want to watch videos, tv and stuff like that on it. Is nexflix on it yet?


I got Netflix sorta working... Using the official Android Market Build, and after changing the /system/build.prop as documented and then rebooting I was able to play one video (only let it run a minute or so) The next time I launched Netflix it didn't give me an error but just displayed a black screen.

Not sure if is working consistantly for anyone yet or not.

Speaking of video, what is the best current ROM for fast video playback? I am running Customized Nookie Froyo eMMC 0.6.8 3/18 build and it seems to be pretty rock solid with everything but occasional wifi issues after waking from sleep. However the video playback seems pretty slow, including some stuff I transcoded for the Nook, netflix, etc. Can the Nook color do decent video playback using a different ROM?


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I would think CM7 stable or Phiremod with overclock kernel would give the best video. I know they tweaked the OC kernels for best video. You don't need to overclock to get good video tho.


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I've had hulu running, it worked ok but the settings to make it work have to be reset with each reboot. Netflix seems to work pretty good.


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I don't know how Market works using a that identifies you as using a different phone/tablet.

It might fix one thing and break another. :D

My preference is to stay away from that.


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Netflix released an update turning off the pointless Device check, and as far as I know is available for everyone running 2.2+ on the market. Works great on my NC (running Phiremod).


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Not that I am aware....

But CRACKLE is working fairly well.... It offers TV shows and Movies for free now as it use to be like 5 bucks a month.

I have it installed and it is very watchable... Just don't freak at the quality of the opening commercial.... is is so low rez, it's unwatchable... But the content runs well... Not as smooth as Netflix, but not bad.



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I should have followed up on my own post. I got Hulu working with the Hulufied Flash apk and the custom user agent in Dolphin Browser.