Video not showing after taking

I took a real cool video of my grand kids singing in to the fan. After, I downloaded to Facebook. The video worked just fine. well, I go to work this morning and wanted to show it to a few guys. I navigated to 100MEDIA to show the video. All it was just sound, no video. Anyone have a idea if what happen and how to fix it??

Update: I can play the video on the phone but can not on the computer. the other mp4's play's fine on my computer


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The file format is 3GP, and you need to convert it to something your computer can play. There are a bunch of converters you can download.


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Under stand that. But like I said before, 3 other mp4's play without a problem on my computer, There seams to be no difference from the one's that don't work to the ones that do work.