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video on espn ect.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dvrdwn, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. dvrdwn

    dvrdwn Member
    Thread Starter

    can you guys watch video through espn,french open,news sites, ect. I'm getting the EVO Friday and want to watch the French open on my phone.

  2. BSki

    BSki Well-Known Member

    Yes I am watching it now in the office on sprint tv.
  3. dvrdwn

    dvrdwn Member
    Thread Starter

    Cool. but i was wondering if you can go to the official web site and watch on there site. I don't always know if it would be possible on Sprint TV because its live on tennis channel and I always seem to hear the outcome before I see the replay on ESPN or ABC.
  4. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    The one thing I am looking forward to is watching the world cup on my phone when I'm not at home. Espn mobile!
  5. hitekalex

    hitekalex Well-Known Member

    If you're talking to espn3.com - it's a full Flash site so I don't believe it will work on 2.1. You're going to need Froyo with Flash 10.1 to view ESPN3 video, and I doubt we will see it on Evo before the end of World Cup :)
  6. BigRick10

    BigRick10 Well-Known Member

    ESPN Tv is on Sprint Tv :D
  7. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    the espn site might work with skyfire... it handles flash site pretty well
  8. hitekalex

    hitekalex Well-Known Member

    Ah, very good. Not being a Sprint customer, I don't know what Sprint TV is.. But it sounds like I will be using it quite a bit!
  9. if you have a tv tuner in your computer, you can use a server like Orb to stream live tv to your phone. I do it now with my windows mobile phone, it works great and i can watch any channel i get at home.
  10. mx7

    mx7 Well-Known Member

  11. YaBoiD

    YaBoiD Android Enthusiast

    Orb is a good option as well as SlingPlayer which is the option I use. Allows you to stream your cable/satellite to your phone or another cpu. I've been using it for the past 5yrs & hasn't faied me yet.

    Here are some links:



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