Video playback features?


Does anyone know anything about the video playback features of the EVO 4G? I'm coming from the iPhone where playback was limited to mp4 (encoded with h.264 or ffmpeg).

Either way, this thing can supposedly handle 720p. Is a 720p mkv going to be possible on this thing or am I going to have to encode video for this and buy some special player?

That's one thing about the iPhone i'm sure I'm going to miss -- the core functions like music and video playing are built into the OS and work rock solid. With android, are there going to be a bunch of odd video players to download and try?


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Should have done some searching on this topic.

which led me to this post:

I downloaded the free program avidemux (free for linux/win/mac). Popped in a 720p MKV (30 minute tv show) and it gave me a MP4 (converted the 30 minute show in 55 seconds) that loaded right up into iTunes and worked great (Core i7 2.66ghz).

Will this file work on android and play smooth on the EVO 4G? I guess I'll find out next month...