Help Video Playback freezes on Screenshot


When I'm viewing a video doesn't mater if it's saved on my memory, micro sd or if it's online the video pauses when a screenshot is taken. I would have to click on the play button to resume or wait for the video to buffer again. I've tried third party apps & it's the same result. I'm on Jelly Bean version 4.1.2 & versions prior to this have this issue as well. I have updated to 4.3 before the problem was fixed the video would continue to play but I did not like 4.3.

Lots of features were missing, battery was horrible so I could not stay on 4.3. Is there anyway to fix this problem 4.1.2? I have noticed the animation of the swipe is different in 4.3. You actually see the swipe crossing the screen but in 4.3 it's just a frame around the sides of the screen. I have tried third party apps & they have the same result. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.