Help Video playback pixelated (or poor sound quality in different player)


Lately I've been using my tablet to watch various videos, shows, etc, and for the most part they've been working flawlessly, but a few times now I've run into files that won't play properly. It always seems to follow the same pattern, so I'm unsure if it's a tablet/android specific problem, or if I just happen to run into a specific format repeatedly that won't play properly.

In short, if I play the video in the default video player, or vlc (or any video player I've tried other than mx player) it frequently freeze frames and pixelates, turns whiteish, and tears sometimes taking 20 seconds for the video to catch up and become watchable. I would've said, based on my limited knowledge that the file is too high of a resolution or quality and my tablet can't keep up (Tab A 8.0), except that if I use MX Player the issue is completely different. In MX Player the video plays perfectly but even at very low volumes the sound is distorted, almost sounds like the speakers are being overdriven, gets staticky when something loud is happening even if the sound is turned way down. These two different problems occur with the same video file, and its consistent, and not just 1 file, so doubtful it's file corruption, and generally appears to have the same problems in the same spots. It never happens to play a 'bad' file through flawlessly.

So I'm kind of at a loss and looking for possible solutions, any ideas on how to coax it into playing properly, or what may be causing it to begin with?