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Support Video playback problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kellermanv, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Kellermanv

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    Jan 4, 2012

    Jan 4, 2012
    Guys, i have a problem with my i9001. Galaxy S PLUS.

    My phone is rooted and i installed the gpu "new" drivers from XDA. I have upgraded from 2.3.3 that comes default when i buy it to 2.3.5 through KIES, not through ODIN, so it's with vodafone shits or whatever.

    Anyway, the problem is the following:

    I want to watch some mkv .720p tv shows on it (like dexter, supernatural, etc) and i tried with a couple of players but every single player will decode the mkv in "SW mode" not hardware, so it won't play properly and it will lag. I tried with bsplayer, mx video player, mobo player pro and even DICEPLAYER (the full version).

    So, any ways of playing 720p smooth ? i guess it's because of Adreno 205 which is weaker than Galaxy S gpu.

    Update: Update: My actual ROM is I9001BUKP2, which is Vodafone branded and my phone is simlocked (most likely).

    Can this be the problem ?

    Update 2: Very weird thing happened. I put an episode from The Walking Dead, 350 mb .avi to run with MX Video Player and surprise, even .avi LAGS in hardware decoder, but i'm lucky that MX Video Player got S/W Decoder FAST and it played almost smoothly (95%, still little fps drops).

    After that, i tried with an episode of Grimm, this time 720p, .mkv but WEB-DL (even more better than normal 720p releases of groups like IMMERSE, CTU, etc) and the HARDWARE DECODER went AVAILABLE this time, but it lags terribly. I tried with S/W Decoder FAST and lol, it worked almost smoothly.

    So, what the hell is the problem ?

    Could it be my I9001BUKP2 firmware ? it's official, updated with KIES. Should i try to flash something else that's not Vodafone branded (stock but without shits from them) ? it might help ? and if my phone is simlocked, can i flash other stock roms ?


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