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Video player capable of full screen

Discussion in 'Android Media' started by DPapadopoulos, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. DPapadopoulos

    DPapadopoulos Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    I have a Measy A5A TV Box running Android 4.0, and I'm looking a for a player capable to stretch the video full screen, regardless of aspect ratio with no black bars.

    I have VLC, MoboPlayer, MX Player, QQ Player and purchased Buzz Player. All of these players, no matter what aspect ratio I select, even their "Full Screen" mode, I will always get black bars.


    In the photo above, I have a 4:3 NTSC 1.4 Mbps .mp4 720x480 video playing with MX Player on a 4:3 TV monitor via analog RCA Video cable in "Full Screen" mode with a 2" black bar at the bottom. No matter what aspect ratio I select, I get either top/bottom back bars and/or side bars. More or less the same deal in "Stretch" or "Crop" mode.

    Essentially, I'm looking for a player that will force the video to stretch and fill the entire 100% TV screen area. (doesn't matter if video picture slightly "distorts" in filling the screen - actually, now it distorts as a 4:3 picture is "letterboxed" on a 4:3 TV).

    Thanks for any suggestions.


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Sep 22, 2010
    Jinan, China
    I would guess, it's because this Chinese STB is expecting a 16:9 TV, and not a 4:3 one. I've had a look through the A5A instruction manual(Chinese only) and there doesn't appear to be an option for selecting TV type.

    On the other hand it could just be that Measy Electronics Co,. Ltd. of Shenzhen products tend to be rather crummy, and that's how it is, nothing much you can do about it.

    Are you seeing black bars on Android menu screens and in apps as well? Or is it just video?
  3. DPapadopoulos

    DPapadopoulos Member
    Thread Starter

    As I already mentioned in my original post: "No matter what aspect ratio I select, I get either top/bottom back bars and/or side bars. More or less the same deal in "Stretch" or "Crop" mode." So yes, I did. I tried all modes: 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, Stretch, Crop, Full Screen, 100%, you name it.


    I have selected the following:

    Settings > Display > Display output mode > NTSC
    Settings > Display > Enable screen adaption > ON (tried also OFF)

    Under Enable screen adaption it marks:
    "The output resolution: 1280 x 720"
    and there's no way (or I can't find a way) to change that, say to 640 x 480 (VGA 4:3). So probably that is what's messing with the video overlay, and apps "think" that HD 16:9 is "full screen" (I assume).

    Is there any command line I can type in Terminal IDE app to change the internal resolution to VGA?

    The menu screens are ok, they fill the entire area (I placed the mouse pointer at the very bottom)


    Black bars is only in the video, and their position or thickness depends on the video app used. For example, the "less annoying" is the video app called TvdVideo. That video app centers the video leaving a 1" bar at the top and 1" bar at the bottom, instead of a 2" thick bar at the bottom like other apps.

    TvdVideo App

    MoboPlayer can't fill the screen either. (see the menu at the bottom, and I deliberately placed the mouse cursor at the bottom to show that that area is active):
    MoboPlayer App

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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