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Video Recording Glitch, Keybord Glitch, video and video chat minimization Glitch!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sheiya R, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I'm angry. I got this phone because I wanted to replace a camera and and iPad that had been stolen. I was planning on starting a YouTube channel and the first time I recorded it went for 9 minutes and i stopped it myself. When I went to make my first official video it went until about 3 minutes. And then everytime after that the duration of recording got shorter. I reset the phone. Perform cache clean and everything but there seems to be a glitch in my system. When I'm watching videos they restart often or minimize. When I'm using my keyboard on certain apps itll minimize. It just seems like any apps linked to watching videos and recording videos has this glitch. It seems as though the camera constantly resets itself which interrupts the videos. I'm not sure. There just seem like a lot of small glitches. Actually I noticed the video minimization glitch with YouTube the first day I got the phone. I've had it a month and it hasn't changed. Some days it does it more than others. I'm just confused and ready to use the phone for the purpose I got it.

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