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I've tried searching the forum but couldn't find an answer. I'm currently seriously contemplating buying a desire z however, I got a question regarding the recording time.

Does anyone know how many hours of video recording one can get from the desire z from a single charge?

I know it drains power, but does it do so fast?

The reason I ask is that I sometimes perform live and would love to get start recording with it if I have an impromptu gig.



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I did 45mins worth of recording the day I bought my phone. Sorry I didn't get how much power it used up. However, I'm pretty sure it was still way higher than 50% remaining.

But based on the above experience, the battery life would probably outlast your stamina in holding up the Desire Z without a tripod. :D In line with that, if your gig will be a regular thing, I'd suggest you get a proper videocam with a tripod.

Camphones are ok for short video caps under 5-10 mins. Beyond that, it gets less enjoyable.


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I know it'd be better with the tripod and cam but of course the keyword being "impromptu".

But I got all the info I wanted, I'm gonna go ahead and buy one.

Thanks again!