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[VIDEO] Samsung Vibrant Weekly ROM Review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by connexion2005, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Member
    Thread Starter

    Due to the high volume of requests for ROM performance scores and generic this and that "what's different about this ROM" questions, I'd like to present a new page to my site Welcome to MOBILETECHVIDEOS.com as well as a new thread to XDA for Vibrant Video based ROM Reviews.

    This thread will serve as the OFFICIAL thread for all of my Weekly ROM Reviews for everything VIBRANT. Please post requests you'd like to see as well and if I'm capable, I'll create them.

    SIDE NOTE: These videos are 100% my opinion and in no way the thoughts and views of the developers or other members of the community. Any bugs incurred, unless mentioned as noted bugs may simply be specific to my device so DO NOT accept them as ROM bugs and listen to when I note them as potentially relating to only my device.

    Please consider donating as all of my work is non-profit and I do it for XDA and Android enthusiasts alike. I would have greatly appreciated these videos when I was a newbie and I'm sure you will to. Donation button is in my AVATAR to the left.

    Weekly ROM Reviews

    devs4android - Axura 2.3.0 *February 12th 2011*
    Team Whiskey - Bionix-v *February 1st 2011*

    Also, check out my CHANNEL on YouTube...

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  2. usalee70

    usalee70 Newbie

    I think the next one to review should be AXURA. Master has accomplished in my opinion a smoother and faster ROM so far than anyone else. I have tried the Bionix-V and others and always came back to Master's AXURA. Please give it a try and a review. Thanks.
  3. dattack

    dattack Member

    So many coming out now, especially with the addition of the einherjar team. Serious, they all seem about the same to me these days because most of them are pretty fast. I am still sticking with the bionix until i hear differently.
  4. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    There are several videos of different versions of Axura out already.
  5. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Member
    Thread Starter

    That's the beauty of reviews for ROM's. They literally change weekly. Nobody has done the most recent one. I will be doing it next.
  6. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Member
    Thread Starter

  7. STiGLOGiC

    STiGLOGiC Well-Known Member

    I recommend you check out Einherjar M-Flagship V4 Final. By far the fastest ROM I have used. I love Axura, and will probably go back, but M is faster and smoother.

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