Video Size Limit?


I just recorded a 25 minute video on my HTC Evo 4G,and when I went to playback it said,"Sorry Video Cannot Be Played",then deleted it. This makes me very mad because I have been able to record other shorter videos (1-10 minutes) without any hassle. I want to know what the problem is because I am using the 8GB card that came with the phone,7GB of that being free memory and I was recording in 480P instead of 720P. Is there a video size limit,and if so how do I check the size of a video?

Extra Info:
Phone:HTC EVO 4G
Firmware:2.3.3 No Roms


Android Expert
Depending on your video recorder properties and recording conditions, the video size for 25min could be different.
However, it is very unlikely the size for 25m video recorded to be very large - I'd say it would be about 0.5GB. Therefore, something else has caused the problem, like the slow/bad SD card.