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VIDEO Tutorial on how to Root an Acer Iconia A500/501 from Stock 3.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cursed4Eva, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    THANKS TO drkalo, sc2k and mrjay from XDA. Everything I know about rooting this tablet I learnt from your posts, all credit to you!!! THANK YOU!!!

    I have made a video tutorial on how to Root and Install ClockWorkRecovery Mod on Acer Iconia A500/A501 running Stock Honeycomb 3.2/3.2.1

    Please take a look at it if you are planning to do it.

    Hope I helped someone

    Tutorial: Root Your Acer Iconia A500/A501 from Honeycomb 3.2/3.2.1 + ClockWorkRecovery - Cursed4Eva - YouTube

    Have a nice day


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  2. mnainr

    mnainr Lurker

    Dear. Thanks for the good explaining
    But where can i find the file that makes downgrade from 3.2 to 3.0
  3. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You are welcome :)

    You can find the link under description on youtube but I will post them below too :)

    LINK 1: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    LINK 2: [HOWTO] Root for stock HC3.1 - xda-developers
    LINK 3: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

  4. akathekrisc

    akathekrisc Newbie

    What exactly are the benifits of rooting my tab? What does a rooted tab let me do that a unrooted wont?
  5. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Adv. of rooting (off the top of my head)
    1. Memory managers
    2. Connect PS3 Controllers
    3. Try different Roms
    4. Titanium backup (helps backup all apps with one click)
    5. Install screenshot apps
    6. Toggle CPU speed
    7. Linux Commands
    8. Uninstall bloatware (excess apps given by acer)
    9. Remove all ads

    thats all I can think of ryt now :)

    In a nutshell it gives you complete control of your tablet :)
  6. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    what can we do with the ps3 controller connected and could you provide a guide on this also pa-lease:D
  7. pagdodd

    pagdodd Well-Known Member

  8. akathekrisc

    akathekrisc Newbie

    Thanks for that info much appriciated will definetly consider rooting. Are there any downsides.

    The PS3 and xbox 360 controllers already work fine as long as they are wired. I use them for playing my snes emulator, they work just fine for gta aswell. And my xbox one is works with the onlive app, got quite a few double takes at uni when i was playing unreal tournament 3 on my tablet.
  9. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Not really... apart from warranty, Android has great community support, if you are experiencing any issue all you need to do is type it into google and surly sm1 had that issue before and youll find a fix, if not android forums and xda are always there.

    I believe I paid for the phone, I own it.. not Samsung, not my carrier... So I decide what I do with it... not them... if you believe this then root :D

  10. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Hello there Cursed4Eva,

    I have watch your tutorial video and I'm impressed that you can explain it easily for me.

    But just now, even there's already a lot of question like this, I want to ask again just to make sure.

    My Iconia A501 is already upgraded to HC3.2, and I'm still trying to find out to root it without downgrading it.

    I found this thread on here, http://androidforums.com/iconia-tab-a500-all-things-root/424824-root-3-2-a.html#post3732519

    It says that it can root HC3.2, but I'm not really understand how it does.

    And by the way, on your ROM link, it says that it's not stable. What kind of bad things I can have if I install this ROM, instead of rooted?

    Thanks a lot for your information.
  11. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bro, yup that seems to be an option, you can follow that thread, i dont see any downside to it... just check with sm1 on the thread if the procedure will wipe your stuff.

    To answer your second question... this is the process in my video.

    1. You are on 3.2/3.2.1 (which is unrootable)
    2. We Downgrade to unstable 3.0.1 which crashes a lot (just for 10 mins)
    3. We use the unstable 3.0.1 to run a root program and install cwm (cwm is what will help you install any rom you want)
    4. We use CWM to install 3.2 stock ROM (thats the link3 ive given... if you want to use anything else you can too :) )

    I hope I was precise and helped clear stuff up.

    Please leave a msg if there are any more issues

    Have a nice day and good luck :)

  12. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Thx 4 ur answer bro.

    Btw, the 3.2 ROM links you gave is for A500, so I just wanna make sure if it's okay if I'm using it on my A501. Is it? :thinking:

    I'm just afraid if I'm gonna lose the 3G support if I'm using it. Thanks bro.
  13. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bro personally I havent used it on a a501 but if you check out the comments on the youtube page there are people with a501 who I have assisted with this and no one till now have informed me of any 3g issues...

    Bro you are rooting your a501 so dont worry, if you dont like my link 3 hit up xda get a diff rom, repeat the link 3 step and ull b good... dont worry its very simple and you have android forums, xda and myself to support you in case there are any issues...

    Take 30 mins to download all files from my vdo
    the process will then take u 20-30 mins
    Once done check out the rom, should work fine (99.99%)
    if any issue go to xda a500 - android development - youll fine a lot of roms with pages and pages of user comments
    Choose what you like again 20 mins to download and 10 mins to install

    Remember once you get root, you can download titanium backup and backup everything (check my vdo root galaxy note from my utube channel for details on titanium backup) so whenever you install a rom or what ever screw up happens you get everything back in a tap of a button (by everything i mean even your home screens as the way you left it in most cases)

    So dont worry... take the plunge and make your device yours ;)

  14. emagin

    emagin Newbie

    What about the rumors that ICS 4.0 might come to these tablets in February.
    If that is the case should we wait to get a rooted 4.x version?
  15. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Bro the moment ICS is out the forums will be full of methods to upgrade to a rooted version and btw ICS roms (not stock) will come out even before acer releases the stock one... n I for one promise you my friend that I will make you a video tut to upgrade... happy now? ;)
  16. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Hello bro 4Eva,

    sorry for late reply. Now I'm trying to root it after I finished downloading download_not_stable.zip. And now, when I try to do shut down, then I press Down Volume + Power together, yes it pops out "acer" and some text on top right of the screen.

    It says,
    Erasing Cache before SD update..

    SD update cmd:recovery

    Booting recovery kernel image

    ...... But I already waited for so long and the screen didn't change to Android image like your video, am I doing wrong?

    Let me know if you know this issue. Thanks a lot :D
  17. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Ah, sorry it looks like my mistake. When the text showed up, I unhold the button, he3.

    Now I keeps the button holded up, and yes our Robots pops out, but then on the body of Android it has yellow triangle "!" sign. Anything wrong?
  18. pagdodd

    pagdodd Well-Known Member

    did you copy the file "download_not_stable.zip" to your micro SD card?

    if so, did you rename it to update.zip ?
  19. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Okay, another mistake.

    The SDCard that video mentioned is the external SD Card, not the internal sdcard folder.

    Now I'm flash it back to unstable 3.0.1.

    Will report again soon, thanks bro 4Eva.
  20. pagdodd

    pagdodd Well-Known Member

    yeah, it needs a micro SD not on the internal memory (sd)
  21. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    @pagdodd thanks a lot for helpin out bro :)

    @chenx let me know how it goes, gluck :)
  22. pagdodd

    pagdodd Well-Known Member

    no worries, this forum has helped me out many times ;)
    Cursed4Eva likes this.
  23. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Hello all, thanks for your support.

    Now, I do all the same progress from bro C4Eva's video.

    The process is quite simple, but one thing that happened to me but not on video is, when I still on 3.0 unstable, the Force Close is really quick, and I can't input anything because when the keyboard showed up, it will be forced to close. So, I have to using USB keyboard to input my search query "acer recovery install" on Android Market.

    Now my Android version is 3.2 and it's rooted (I have icon superuser on menu), thanks a lot.

    But, I have issue here, (fyi:my Iconia is A501)

    1. The model number on "About tablet" is A500, not A501.
    2. Looks like I'm missing my 3G Support, the signal says (No service) even if I already have SimCard inserted. I already tried to remove and insert it back.

    I think I'm losing my 3G Support now. Can you help me about this issue?

    Thanks a lot.
  24. chenx

    chenx Newbie

    Oh, again. My mistakes because I didn't read the full description from Youtube. Now I know why the 3G is not supported.

    If I download the right one, and then I rename it to update.zip and do the same proccess again, will it fix the issue?
  25. Cursed4Eva

    Cursed4Eva Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yup, just download any rom meant for a501 (or the one from my link 3 for a501) repeat the last step and flash it... you are good to go :)

    Cheers bro!


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