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[Video Tutorial] [ROM] Number Two (#2) {ZVD}

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jburt, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    Here is a complete walk-through video showing how to install the Number Two (#2) custom ROM (all versions of the ROM) for LG Esteems running the ZVD update by Ldrifta (Here is the ROM's thread: http://androidforums.com/esteem-all-things-root/530145-rom-number-two-2-v2-3-zvd.html). I believe in showing viewers exact steps instead of having viewers "take my word on a step and skip ahead."

    Without further adieu I present you....


    And here's an extracurricular video for you to watch if you're up for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBa2Z9vtXzc

    If you have any other video suggestions or video series suggestions, feel free to send me an email at support@techstream101.com. Thanks and have a great day! :D

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  2. bnb25

    bnb25 Android Expert

    Im already subbed to both channels haha. watched your new apartment videos few days ago.
  3. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    Good video. When I first rooted my phone your video was the one I watched as a guide. Thanks! :D
  4. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    Oops I just link the video and didnt see the post :D Thread now linked ;)
  5. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the continued support.
  6. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome! I am glad to hear. I remember always trying to do things to previous Android phones and not knowing if I was doing things the right way or not. By making these videos, everything is shown you know? It's one of them things I searched for and had no luck so I became that person who made the videos.
  7. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    If you think the thread link will be more beneficial, that is 100% fine with me. :thumbup:
  8. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    I will be working on a demo video of this ROM with information on what the ROM does, and other information about it. Are there any suggestions of things you would like to see me include?

  9. jburt

    jburt Member
    Thread Starter

    Everyone seems to be getting the hang of it. Sweet :)
  10. evilgod

    evilgod Newbie

    Just updated to zvd and I'm loving this ROM and keeping it until cm9 hits (if it ever will)
  11. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    I thought you had the dirty port working on zvb? :rolleyes::D
  12. evilgod

    evilgod Newbie

    Lol no it booted up but after that nothin haha but the cm9 boot anime looked nice.

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