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Video won't play on Hero--Get green screen. Handbrake settings for small file-size?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by akdms, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. akdms

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    I have a bunch of videos that I'm trying to compress as much as possible. I'm not concerned about quality (around YouTube quality is more than enough), just the amount of space they take up. I've been using HandBrake on Linux to convert the videos.

    They play back fine on my computer, but when I load them on my Hero I just get a static green picture with no audio.

    Here are the settings I've been using. Any idea why it's not playing back? Also, any comments on decreasing file-size even more without compromising any more quality?

    Format: MP4

    Picture Settings
    Anamorphic: Loose
    480 x 360

    Framerate: same as source
    Bitrate: 240

    Audio Codec: AAC
    Bitrate: 32
    Sample Bitrate: 48
    Mix: Stereo
    DRC: Off

    Reference Frames: 3, Mixed References off
    B-Frames Number: 2
    B-Frames Direct Prediction: Spatial
    Adaptive B-Frames: Optimal
    Weighted B-Frames: On
    Motion Estimation Method: Hexagon
    Motion Estimation Range: 16
    Motion Estimation Subpixel Method: 6
    Motion Estimation Analysis: Some
    Deblocking: 0, 0
    Trellis: Disabled
    CABAC Entrophy Encoding: On
    Psychovisual Rate Distortion: 1


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