Help Videos recording in landscape when phone held in portrait.


I was wondering why the phone records in landscape when I'm recording video while holding it in a portrait manner?

Is it like this with all Android phones? I ask because I'm coming from an Iphone.


Also, is there anyway to change this?


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
Same on my Droid 3.

I do see apps in Android Market which claim to remedy that issue for certain devices and versions of Android OS (some are vague in their descriptions about which device they're suited for).

I don't see a need for portrait video recording, but some users do.. search around Market, you may find a third party app that suits your Photon (unless there's a setting in Photon.. I doubt it, but I don't see one in my D3).


We used to take portraits in photography so we could display the photo on end in its frame.

When you take a portrait video, how will you display it? Will you turn the TV sideways?

Of course, if you only intend it to be displayed in a small window on a computer, then I suppose you could make a case for portrait videos. ...but it still will look awkward.


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
Some users may use their camcorder in portrait mode, thus the apps showing up in Android Market.

I've never had use for that, myself, but devs have spent time on the issue, so there must be a need for it. ;)