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Support Videos won't automatically go into fullscreen in landscape mode.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by RichardM9993, May 27, 2016.

  1. RichardM9993

    RichardM9993 Guest
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    I recently bought the Samsung S7 Edge, this is my first android based phone so im new to all this.

    Let me start by saying yes, my Auto-Rotate is turned on.

    So when Im on Facebook for example and I start to watch a video, if I turn my phone sideways should the video not automatically shift to fullscreen view? That's not happening and I'm getting a strange result instead, as you can see in the screenshots.

    I can still press a fullscreen button but the whole process is clunky and frustrating.

    Additionally, if I'm playing a video and use the home key to exit out, the sound of the video will keep playing in the background, regardless of what other apps I open. I must either go back in to Facebook and stop the video or close the app.


    Can anyone help me and tell me what's wrong?


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