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Viewpad Viewsonic 7 long charging times

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mirko77, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. mirko77

    mirko77 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just bought a Viewpad Viewsonic 7 (the Linx Commtiva actually, as they are the same) and I was just wondering if my charging times are all right.

    Using the mains, it took about 15 hours to charge fully (from 5% to 100%) which I think is too long.

    The adapter output is 1A max, I was wondering if I can use an adapter with 2A of output to speed things up.

    Any suggestion?


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  2. LoJaume

    LoJaume Newbie

    Yes: use the original wall charger.

    In fact, the original wall charger (5V/2A output) full charges the tablet in two hours, even with tablet working. But, if you use an standard USB charger, the charging is very slow (about 15 hours, like if you charge through a computer USB port).

    The problem is in car charging. I want to use the tablet as a car computer, but if you use a 5V/2A USB output, the charging time is also 15 hours. Even, with screen on, battery level decrease, so I can't use as a car computer.

    Notice that original wall charger has not an standard mini USB plug. Perhaps the question is here.

    If anybody knows a rapid car charger for Viewpad 7, I would be very happy.
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  3. LoJaume

    LoJaume Newbie

    If you carefully look the wall charger mini USB plug, you'll see there is not an stantard mini USB plug, because there are 10 pins instead of 5.

    Now, if you look again at the original wall charger sticker, you will see the a little picture with the pin-out scheme.
  4. Durk

    Durk Lurker

    So LoJaume, does that mean you have solved the car-charging riddle (made a 10 pin usb plug for in the car)?

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