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Viewsonic Viewpad 7: FAQs

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chicknlil, May 28, 2011.

  1. chicknlil

    chicknlil Android Enthusiast
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    Because I've seen so many posts asked repeatedly in this forum, I'm hoping this thread will alleviate that. Feel free to add, and hopefully it will get stickied as well.

    Q: I tried to install flash on this device, but the install failed ... why?

    A: The general minimum hardware and software requirements for Flash Player 10.3 on mobile devices is a Dedicated Cortex A8 (ARMv7) 550MHz App Processor with Neon for A8 only (VGA) or a Dedicated Cortex A8 (ARMv7) 800MHz App Processor (WVGA). The Viewsonic Viewpad 7 has a Qualcomm MSM 7227 600MHz processor, which is below the minimum requirements for a WVGA device.

    You will never be able to install a functional version of the official flash on this device. Some have reported success installing early beta versions of flash 10.1 on their device, however this causes the default browser to Force Close whenever it is used.

    Q: But...I want flash to do (insert your desired function here)...now what?

    A: There are several browsers with built in flash-like functions, such as Skyfire, Miren, and Opera Mini. These will typically allow you to view things like flash videos and perhaps some other flash functions.

    If you're looking to chat with your friends on Facebook, try the Facebook app, or other chat programs like Trillian or Tweetdeck.
    If you're looking to watch youtube videos, try the YouTube app.

    Q: But but but...I NEED flash!

    A: Then this isn't the right device for you. There are plenty of tablets on the market that support flash. This isn't one of them.

    Q: Can I root this device? How do I do that?

    A: Yes you can! This post outlines the steps you need to follow, and references an XDA thread with more information.

    Q: Are there any custom ROMs for this device?

    A: There are currently 3 functional ROMs that I am aware of. Enhanced Froyo on XDA is overclocked, removes some bloat, and changes the framework. MoDaCo Custom ROM kitchen which seems to mostly present options in terms of what is or isn't installed. TJStyle's Custom Kernal is a custom kernal (only) that is also supposed to work on this device.

    Q: Can this device be used as a phone?

    A: Yes, it potentially can. This device has the capability of using a SIM card, so in the US, that means it will work on AT&T or T-Mobile networks. While this device is fully functional on AT&T networks, my understanding is that it only able to receive 2G speeds on T-Mobile. I am unable to speak for networks outside of the US. Other potential ways to use this device as a phone involve programs like Skype or Fring.

    Because of the large size of this device, it defaults to speakerphone when you attempt to use it as a phone. In order to use this device without speakerphone, you would need a headset/microphone, such as the set that comes included with this device.

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  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Thanks for starting this for our viewpad 7 users.
  3. Stransky

    Stransky Newbie

    I have a Linx Commtiva N700 (FM6). This Tablet is supposed to be the one the the Viewpad 7 is based on. Will the Roms you mention (apart from the Modaco Kitchen) which I have already. Run on the N700. Btw YouTube and the BBC iPlayer both run well on my Tablet and they both use flash.

  4. chicknlil

    chicknlil Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The apps themselves don't actually use flash, either.

    As far as I'm aware those ROMs should work on any variety of this particular phone, but I'd personally research the heck out of that before I took that risk. Personally, I'm not comfortable with any of the ROMs out there, so my Viewpad, while rooted, is still stock.
  5. Stransky

    Stransky Newbie

    Hi Chicknlil
    Can you add the following Rom to your Sticky.

    CleanViewpad7 V1 available on MoDaCo forum for the above mentioned
    Tablets. This rom works well on my N700, it gets rid of the L/Hand sidebar
    (which I found annoying).


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