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Vignette: 'NeilandTheresa' Go Beyond to Connect with Users!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RedSoxRobbe, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Every once in a while an application developer goes beyond the realm of 1's and 0's to reach out and connect with their users.
    Developers 'neilandtheresa' have and continue to do just that!
    Imagine a developer that updates their apps frequently and also listens to their user base?
    Who knew that was the way to create a KILLER app!

    Vignette is that app from that application developer.
    It is the kind of app that you find you are lost without.

    Developer - neilandtheresa

    • 62 Effects
    • 20 Frames
    • Full Resolution (as available on device)
    • Flash (if available on device)
    • Self-Timer (0, 2, 5, 10 seconds)
    • Zoom/Crop
    • White Balance
    • Silent Mode
    • Geotagging

    It has easily replaced the native Droid Camera app as the candy of choice when taking pics.
    One click of the icon and it comes up in a flash with easy access to all of the menu options you could possibly need.


    1) The colors are vibrant and the effects are NEVER ENDING.


    (Tilt-Shift filter applied above)

    2) Ease of Operation (no joke - I've seen a 4yo use this):

    1) Open app using trendy camera icon
    2) Very efficient Vignette UI pops up.
    3) Select your filter options, flash options, etc. (or keep it naked and select none)
    3) You align your shot on the screen.
    4) Press the phone's camera button (convenient on Droid).
    5) Review your fantastic shot...
    6) Press screen to save and close
    7) Dance to the photo gods that this app rules!
    8) Rinse repeat.

    Once you take your award winning picture, sharing it is a piece of cake from the Gallery - which supports a Vignette folder.


    (Toy Camera filter applied above)


    (Lens Effect - Tilt-Shift)

    3) Several Favorite Features:


    The Crop function allows for what amounts to an excellent zoom feature. One click drag (vertical) of the Crop icon (on-screen left as you take photo) allows for an accurate and quick way to zoom in and focus on a subject. As many times as I say it, the developers have created what amounts to one of the most minimalistic ad functional UI I've seen in a long time.

    Filters Galore!

    Saving the space to list EVERY one of the MANY features provided, below is the link to the developers ever growing list:


    One of my favorites and one that was very effective on the iPhone is Tilt-Shift.
    (Obviously I can't get enough cowbell with this filter effect!)


    (Mini-Roller Coasters Rule!)


    (Mini-Caves Rule!)


    (Vintage -> SX-70 filter applied above)

    4) Edit Existing Pics!

    You can edit pictures you have already taken! I've even loaded a photo to the phone and used the filters to make it rock!

    5) Developer Support

    I have not seen an issue brought up by users - that the developer has not attacked full force with an update soon after.
    And! They update the change log so you know what was updated and why!


    1) The native phone app allows for video, so in this case - replacing your native android camera app still requires you plan for opening a movie app as well.
    2) The share option is avail in the gallery, but the share option straight from the app only offers a low rez preview. I'd liek to see the standard "share with the world" options you see in gallery. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr, etc...

    Aside from these - this is the ONLY photo app you will ever need!


    I get the same question about once a week from new Android owners. "I love this phone - What apps should I get?"...
    I always say the same - Vignette should be the first and last photo app you buy. Sure there are freebies out there, but for the price - you can't beat this.

    I rarely 'rave' about a product like I have this one - but I truly believe this is a great find - and one no one should let pass!

    Thanks neilandtheresa for a great app that I'll always enjoy!
    Keep it up!


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