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[Virgin Mobile] Android 5.0 lollipop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sean19661, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wonder if we will get lollipop on our phones ? : ((

    #1 sean19661, Oct 24, 2014
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2014

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  2. David Dubz

    David Dubz Android Enthusiast

    The developer community is huge for this phone. Honestly, I'd count on there being at least a rom for 5.0 sometime.
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  3. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    5.0 AOSP was just released today so give the devs some time :)
  4. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Android Enthusiast

    It'll probably be about a month before Android 5.0 ROMs start rolling out. Looks like I'll have another list to work on if we do get Android 5.0 d2lte ROMs.
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  5. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Can't wait to try out the 5.0 Roms :) hopefully there's news that someone will be starting on it
  6. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

  7. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    This phone is over 2 yrs old, no way its getting lollipop.
  8. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Its really stinks considering I really don't want to have to go to the s5 for the cost you should be able to get it in a different color then white I hate white reminds me of the first yuk iPhone :(( I hate Apple
  9. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Android Enthusiast

    The GS3 won't get an official Android 5.0 update. But CM12 will be coming out later this month or early next month. There is an unofficial CM12 d2lte build in the works and d2lte has pretty much been confirmed to still be supported by Cyanogenmod. There are a few international GS3 ROMs out there as well as GS3 Mini. So, I looks promising that our GS3s will be getting Lollipop.
  10. moonknightus

    moonknightus Android Enthusiast

    Not to rain on anybody's parade, but most of the "D2" work that's been put into CM12 so far has actually gone into de-unifying the builds due to a lack of maintainers. The majority of the work for the individual d2 devices (at the time of this writing) has been for d2att and d2vzw. That's not to say that d2spr won't get a port, but for now at least, it doesn't look like CM12 is going to start out with a unified d2lte build. I could be wrong.
  11. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Android Enthusiast

    I'm sure d2lte will get CM12. I haven't seen anything that suggests they are going to split up d2 devices after unifying them. It wouldn't make sense to separate d2 devices by carriers again. Cyanogenmod still supports the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, and many other Galaxy devices...which doesn't make sense that they'd drop the Galaxy Nexus. What's nice about Android 5.0 is it only requires 512MB of RAM to run which will help it run on older devices.
  12. moonknightus

    moonknightus Android Enthusiast

    Senseless or not, the d2 devices are being de-unified. (see attached)

    Per the commit notes, the reason for de-unification is a lack of device maintainers and a lack of devices on hand.

    That's not to say that d2spr won't get a CM12 build eventually (official or not). All I'm saying is, it's being de-unified and so far I haven't seen any work on d2spr. Currently d2spr fails to build from the CM12 tree due to broken dependencies whereas d2att and d2vzw will at least pull all the necessary dependencies to begin building and d2lte fails due to some brokenness in the GPS code somewhere.

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  13. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Android Enthusiast

    I saw on Google+ that someone was running an Alpha version of CM12 on their S3 for AT&T. So, I tried finding the ROM. Found it on XDA. There was a small mention about the d2 devices being deunified. Looks like it's happening.

    I'm just hoping the price of the S5 will drop quite a bit next weekend. If it does, I'm getting one. I usually get 6-8 hours of battery life with about 3 hours of screen on time. I go through at least 2 batteries per day. And I'd like a better camera.
  14. pOsSuM72

    pOsSuM72 Android Enthusiast

    449.00 at virgin mobile rite now.
  15. Ab5traktion

    Ab5traktion Android Enthusiast

    I saw that. Hoping it'll go under $400 for the Black Friday weekend.
  16. pOsSuM72

    pOsSuM72 Android Enthusiast

    Think I'll pick me one up after Xmas is done.

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