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[Virgin Mobile] [Answered] Transfer phone to another account post mods

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vsanch24, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good day all,

    I just had a thought as I was getting ready to ODIN a recovery and flash CM11: is there an established method of transfering the phone to another account?

    I am coming from a Moto Triumph, where we could copy back stock recoveries and reflash the stock rom. If we needed to transfer the phone from one account to another (new phone numbers, etc).

    My current idea on how this could be done with a custom recovery installed is for me to flash the MK5 un-Knoxed rom listed in the MK5 root guide for noobs. Once doing that, someone could process the changes on the Virgin Mobile website and the network would automatically configure. But before I Move forward with modding, I need to know for sure I can transfer the phone to a new account first. Has anyone done this yet?

    I am not worried about getting the stock recovery back on the phone as I am knoxed up so I am not schemeing a way to not void the warranty. Even though, eventually I am sure, someone will figure out the Knox situation.

    Thank you in advance.

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  2. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    first i ask a question you were thinking in the CM11 thread now you start a topic about the only other thing on my mind

    for me, im an ass lol, i took the phone from the box allowed it to do the OTA update, plugged it in and installed the MK5 Stock Deodexed without remembering to copy/backup my stock system lol

    as far as i see the odex/deodexed are pretty stock, they even installed the virgin apps which my phone didnt even have outta the box

    but it does make ya feel alot safer when you can create a folder on ur pc that has all files to revert it back to as stock as humanly possible for returns or whatnot

    as for your question regarding activation, i didnt get it clearly so im assuming your saying you have the phone activated but if you were to wanna sell it or something then how would the person buying it be able to activate it

    i may be wrong on this but as i believe i recall on the Triumph which we both had, the phone could be activated on a rom but only Stock modified roms, so with that being said again i may be wrong but i believe a stock based rom would work fine

    id wait to see if Jd, britton, stuckn or anyone else with the knowledge chimes in

    as for your warranty talk, i dont support trying to rip companies off especially ones that actually make decent things lol unlike 98% of companies today, but i also dont support that phone companies believe they can have a say in what i do with MY phone,software wise, i can understand if i were to break the phone overclocking, undervolting and so on in which case it be whoever did its fault but as far as me flashing a debloated stock rom with all the virgin crapware gone or atleast the ability to actually remove it, they have no say in my opinion

    goes along with my they have no say on tethering, when phone first got that feature it was, "use it if you got it" style, so if u had an unlimited account then u were golden, somewhere along the lines i believe around the release of 4g they got the idea that even if i pay for Unlimited data useage they can charge me to use a feature built into my device lol only way to respond to that
    "Get Outta Town" lol
  3. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ha, yeah, I also agree with you on the provider greed points. I also thought I would be fine with just reflashing a modified stock rom which came with VM software and then it would be fine to transfer. The exact situation I am looking at is giving my current S3 to my wife once Samsung releases the S4 onto Virgin Mobile. I really want the InfraRed Remote Feature of that phone.

    But I also like the streamlined CM builds from stock. I was just asking my original question to be sure once I do the custom Recovery and flash something other than stock I would be able to transfer the phone to another account. I have no desire to defraud insurance or provider.

    I too am hoping some of the more involved members of the thread will chime in soon on this. But the longer it takes for me to get a firm answer, the better (possibly) nightly of CM11 will be available.
  4. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    Yea lol depending on how long u may see some better nightlies, by time the S4 hits Vm there will probably be a stable solid release instead of a nightly lol
  5. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So have you flashed CM11 yet?
  6. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    Yea, I was having issues tho and switched back to the jd stock deodexed so I reread somethings and asked stuckn a few questions an came to the conclusion my problems were most likely from a failure on my part to allow the Rom to settle enough

    Besides that, cm11 with xposed framework and xblaster was pretty awesome, smooth, and almost everything was customizable

    I am currently trying to find a big enough window of free time for myself to actually give it another go

    also just as an update to your original question, the MK5 Stock Deodexed rom may not work for activations

    i was reading and thinking about it more and on our old device the triumph the reason the modified stock versions were able to be activated was cause brandon and the mtdev team torn apart and built the modified stock direct from the original stock os that came on the phone

    most stock roms for this device are based off of sprint roms and just have the lines modified to enable it for our vm model (so i was thinking even tho virgin uses sprint stuff the phones system is most likely set for sprint thing)

    Eventually there will probably be a pure stock Styled rom that activations may work on for Vm but right now im not so sure

    again im not an expert, just trolling around reading all i can and such lol
  7. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I really really hate to get my own thread off topic, but what is xblaster? I understand what the xposed framework gets me.


    If others are reading this, to stay on my original topic, please let me know if I can reflash the stock rom and regain the function to move the phone from one account to another.
  8. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    Xblaster is a module for xposed framework, when running a stock rom its limited, usually go with wanam module on stock

    But on cm11 xblaster can pretty much change every single font color, be it system, status bar, notification menu, pop up menus, can add extended reboot options like reboot to recovery or reboot to download mode, can change the halo background effects, if you choose a light color text choose a dark halo background and it make almost every window have the dark background and you light colored text, can add colors to icons in the system menus, change toggle colors, battery icon, clock location, there's so much

    I'm on my phone currently so I got no link for ya but the main thread for xposed is on xda, also there is a thread called a collection of xposed modules, it has quick links for almost all know modules main pages so you can see exactly what it does and any install directions direct from the creator
  9. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    For the off-topic part of this discussion, if you want a good overview of mods, including a discussion on Xposed Installer and a lot of the associated modules, such as XBlast Tools, please see this thread by @ajnycguy:

    All Things Mods!

    As far as your on-topic question, Virgin Mobile users in the past have usually had to have complete stock set-ups for their phones to be recognized on VM's website when attempting to change accounts. You will be able to return to stock with the MK5 Odin (.tar) file posted by @lordmage. Once the account change has been completed, you could then re-root with the same procedures as you followed the first time. However, I have no idea if the changes to the binary count or the tripped Knox flag will have any impact on transferring accounts. This is just speculation on my part, possibly contact VM and just ask them, you don't necessarily have to confess to anything in order to get your basic question answered by them.
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  10. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome, I have downloaded for safe keeping the sg34.KNOXODIN.zip file posted in the thread titled "Knox'ed Keis file 4.3" I will then be able to push that with ODIN when I am ready to transfer the phone. Sweet, thanks, I thought I could use the un-knoxed rom from the rooting guide to get what I wanted done. I knew I just needed to be patient for for someone to answer my question.
  11. lordmage

    lordmage Android Enthusiast

    remember the knowed up file is compress and needs unzipping before using odin.
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  12. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    If I am not mistaken, I have to unzip it and also update the file name by removing the .md5 to the proper file extension for ODIN which I believe is just .tar
  13. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

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  14. papa b

    papa b Member

    I have Mobile Odin (pro) on my phone and it will handle .tar.md5 just fine. It's an awesome app as long as you're cautious about knox... I wonder if chainfire will someday give us a knox "sniffer"... I'm betting he will...
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