Root [Virgin Mobile] Antutu scores

Just wondering what the average scores this phone is receiving during different setups?

My first test for a ridiculous 17818. Is this common for this phone overclocked to 1.8?


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I agree very nice. This was my wife's phone and she was always complaining about it being slow. I took it after getting her an iPhone 4 on black Friday for 100 dollars then took this and headed to the all things root page. Now she it's happy and so am I lol. And to think I almost got the s3. Instead for a third of the price I made my wife happy and got a great phone.


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Yeah most ppl agree this is kind of a minified s3. Same chip set (mostly). Great phone, not slow at all. Most ppl who have had problems with it being "slow" found it was something they did to it. But I have been very happy with it. Welcome to the family!
What ROM and or kernel are you using? I've had this phone for a while and can point you to some of the most useful things.