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[Virgin Mobile] bringing s3 from sprint to vm

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by phatboyslim12, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i have an s3 from sprint a friend gave me, id like to use it on my vm account, ive read around and found different ways of getting it to work but im looking for more info about it.
    this is what i currently have
    the sprint s3, and a donor phone. also i can download the vm firmware on this site. what i really need is a good detailed write up thread if one exists...

    i am experienced in rooting, custom roms, etc. but i havnt gone to far into programming

  2. spacepanda

    spacepanda Member

    If your on the latest firmware you should be able to just use the Cm 10.1 thread. Make a nandroid backup though

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  3. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    so i can use the cm10.1 tutorial to get the s3 onto virgin, i just need to flash the virgin software eh, easier than i expected, ill update when i start the procedure
  4. spacepanda

    spacepanda Member

    Actually... You might need to flash cm 10(not 10.1) because there is no virgin update for 4.2
    You'll need to get a stock virgin modem
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  5. toddm27

    toddm27 Lurker

    you don't need the virgin modem, I've been on a Sprint s3 flashed to virgin for over a year, you won't have 4g though, unless your donor had 4g anyway, pm me if you need help flashing it, I used dfs to do it all, pretty easy, you'll be able to use any Sprint rom, 4g may not work without the virgin modem though
  6. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hey thanks for all the info, as i understand it if i use the sprint modem ill have better service, as for 4g i dont get it in my area anyway so thats fine, ill be working on the s3 tomorrow.

    thanks if i need help ill pm you, also from what i understand i might be able to just use my donor phone and cm to root etc, and i can get it on vm without flashing the vm rom in theory
  7. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hey so i have been trying to find a thread on flashing the s3 over to vm from sprint, can i get a good link to a thread that can help me out.

    i have a vm optimus v and my galaxy s3.

    thanks in advanced
  8. StaticMaal

    StaticMaal Android Enthusiast

    If toddm27 haven't helped you flash your sprint s3 to vm pm me and I'll help you. I had mine flashed to vm from Dec 2012 - Jun 2013 until I saw the thread on flashing Sprint S3 to Verizon prepaid was alright for 2 months now data is acting up and I might be going back to VM. I used the sprint S3 roms and custom 4.2.2 roms for mms. Also if he has already helped you did you flash a VM modem to get 4G working if you had it in your area they just got it in mine now I'm even more eager to go back to VM if I can get LTE.
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  9. hey i happen to have a sprint galaxy s3 and would greatly appreciate if you could pm me some instructions on how to flash it to virgin mobile?
  10. ranjah

    ranjah Lurker

    Can someone please provide me how to flash s3 from sprint to VM.

    Thank You
  11. GetPhuct

    GetPhuct Lurker

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help with flashing a sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 to virgin mobile with a Motorola triumph donor. I'm fairly good at most of this stuff so hopefully I won't be hard to help. Thanks
  12. mavman42

    mavman42 Lurker

    If anyone can PM me how to do this that would be great I have qpst and dfs ready to roll. Thing is I can't seem to get my aaa key thus me hitting a brick wall and now stuck.

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