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[Virgin Mobile] flashed victorious. ran into problem. flashed back up, now lost of sound

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spd890, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. spd890

    spd890 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    like the title says. flashed victorious and ran into an un related problem. flashed back up in twrp. now the phone call sound is about half of what It should be. same goes with the speaker. the volume controll says it turned up all the way. when I play a game or music the speaker volume returns to normal volume. making phone calls is a hassle weather im using the ear piece on the front or trying to listen through the back. ive also been told that I cant be heard too well when trying to speak. for what its worth I have titanium back up and made a back up well before b I flashed anything.

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  2. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    What was the unrelated problem? It may actually be related.

    What backup did you restore? Your own, or one of the stock backups?

    Victorious does not have any changes to the volume controls, but without more info, I can't say if it has anything to do with Victorious or not.

    If all else fails, be sure you have your apps backed up with Titanium Backup, then download the stock backup, boot into TWRP recovery and wipe data, wipe dalvik-cache, and do a factory reset, then restore the stock backup. Once you reboot, log into your accounts, download TitaniumBackup from the Play Store, then restore you apps and re-do your homescreens.
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  3. spd890

    spd890 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I forgot to unlink my apps with link to sd so I lost most of my downloaded ones. I didn't link any system apps. it was a back up I made. phone was in working order when back up was made. im using twrp. how can I factory reset without losing my apps. never mind about the losing apps part.
  4. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    First try removing this file:


    Reboot and see if that helps. This will put your internal/external sdcards back in their normal places.

    These first few releases of Victorious have not touched your system's hardware files (libraries, configurations, etc), and in fact only replaces files in /system/app and /system/framework. So Victorious most likely didn't cause your issues, but that's not to say flashing it wasn't the culprit, things can go awry during flashing. The first time I test flashed it, I did not remove my links2sd links, and I did not have any system related issues as a result.

    Remember that all your paid apps can be redownloaded, so don't worry about losing them. To factory reset without having to re-download your currently installed apps, do the following

    1- Install Titanium Backup and backup all your apps
    2- Restore the stock goghvmu firmware (there's a thread about it with download links)
    3- Re-activate, log-in to your accounts, then download Titanium Backup from The Play Store
    4- Restore your apps from Titanium Backup
    5- Any paid apps you had "lost" before using Titanium Backup, go to The Play Store and install (you don't have to pay again)

    Note- If Titanium Backup asks you if you want to restore your device's id, choose yes
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