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[Virgin Mobile] [GUIDE][MK5][WIP]Rooting MK5 4.3 for Newbies!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheBritton, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat
    Thread Starter

    This Guide is designed for complete newcomers including those who have acquired new devices shipped with MK5. This Guide may seem reiterative to those familiar with the rooting world ;)


    Information about Knox:
    [Q&A][i9505] Knox Q&A / Discussion Thread - ask questions here! - xda-developers
    [FAQ] KNOX and you - xda-developers

    Known Facts About KNOX:

    • Upgrading to newer Samsung firmware MK5 will upgrade the bootloader to KNOX bootloader. this will give an additional 2 lines in download mode about KNOX status.
    • Not possible to downgrade to KNOX-disabled firmwares/bootloaders without tripping the KNOX flag (An attempt sets 0x1) (even though some people state, downgrade is possible when omitting the bootloader file in a firmware package: see http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2444671, not confirmed)
    • Even if you flash a KNOX-enabled firmware via Odin (e.g. the latest fw) Knox will be set to 0x1
    • Flashing unsigned or modified images via Odin will set KNOX to 0x1
    • Once the KNOX flag gets set to 0x1 there is no way to set it back (that anyone has found yet anyway!) Samsung stated, resetting the flag is impossible
    • KNOX is mandatory and can not be completely removed
    • Warranty Void is no counter, it is a flag (0,1) it was never seen 0x2 or so
    • Mirroring all partitions from a clean 0x0-Device to a 0x1-Device via JTAG produces an unfunctional device (reversible by restoring the 0x1 partitions on the phone)
    • KNOX bootloader verifies signatures of kernels and recoveries. No custom ones possible without voiding the KNOX warranty
    • If the KNOX warranty void line says 0x1 then you cannot use KNOX software as your device has been flagged as insecure. By this I mean that if your workplace / company supports bring your own device to work for corporate emails etc and they use KNOX to keep security your device will not allow this. You are still able to use future Samsung firmware releases with the KNOX flag 0x1.
    • with the new KNOX bootloader root will work, however rooting will trip the KNOX flag

    ROOTING MK5 4.3:
    Make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers installed on your computer.
    You may find those here: Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.14.0.exe

    First thing you'll need to root this phone is a custom recovery. We will be using Philz Touch Recovery. It performs beautifully on this device and is packed with features. You will need to download to your computer the latest tar here: http://androidforums.com/virgin-mob...cial-philz-touch-recovery-6-0-11-24-13-a.html

    If you don't have Odin installed on your computer, do that now. You can find Odin here: [ tool ] Odin 3.04 - xda-developers

    Now you're going to want to download this file to your SD Card:
    SuperSU (CWM installable zip) found here: [2014.02.06] SuperSU v1.93 - xda-developers

    You have downloaded and installed Odin and Samsung USB drivers listed above? You've downloaded the Philz Recovery .tar file to your computer and you've place the SuperSU file on your SD card? Okay, great!

    Now, let's flash the custom recovery, which will be Philz Recovery, on your device! And let's root this thing!

    1. Turn off your VM Samsung Galaxy S3
    2. On your PC, launch the ODIN.exe file you unzipped from the prerequisites.
    3. On ODIN, click the PDA section and select the Philz Recovery .tar you downloaded from the link above. Uncheck Auto Reboot! Make sure NO partition options are checked!
    4. Place phone in download mode by holding Volume Down + Home while powering up. Hold until confirmation screen appears. Confirm by pressing Volume +.
    5. Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable
    6. Check ODIN. A small box on the upper left should turn blue and the dialog box must display "Added!!"
    7. Select "Start" and wait for it to finish. After it is complete, Odin will say PASS! After you see this, disconnect the USB cable from your phone and pull your battery out of your phone.
    8. Place the battery back in. While holding the VOLUME UP + Home button, while powering up and hold it until you see the blue text that says "Booting into recovery". As soon as you see this blue text let go of all the buttons!
    9. We will now install SuperSU with the custom recovery. Click on Install in your custom recovery (Philz) and navigate to where you placed the file listed earlier which will be the SuperSU zip. Assuming the installation is successful, you will then want to select Reboot System from your Philz Recovery menu.
    10. You should now be rooted! I assume you are familiar with what rooting does so there is no need to explain how SuperSU works. ENJOY YOUR ROOTED PHONE!

    PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't updated to MK5 4.3 yet, you can do so by flashing jdsingle's Knox-Free MK5 ROM which does NOT contain Knox bootloader or apps found here: http://androidforums.com/virgin-mob...exed-deodexed-virgin-mobile-boost-mobile.html


  2. Higgs_Boson

    Higgs_Boson Member

    I recall you having written in another thread that rooting trips the KNOX marker in the bootloader, but that one should still be able to receive and install Samsung official OTA updates regardless. Correct?
  3. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat
    Thread Starter

    From my understand, yes. You will be able to install future updates. You just will not be able to downgrade to a non-Knox bootloader
    Tripping the Knox flag disables Knox security and if you were a government agent or corporate exec that uses it, your protected info is not accessible anymore ;)

    EDIT: and thanks! I guess it would be good to add warning that rooting trips the KNOX bootloader (doing so now) LOL :D
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  4. FatalIll

    FatalIll Well-Known Member

    Dumb out-of-left-field question... I'm on CM10.2 Nightly, MD7 modem, CWM Touch right now. if I was to put the stock recovery back, and flash the MK5 update, would I lose CM10.2, like would it flash stock back on? If so, would I be able to put CWM back on through odin and flash CM10.2 back?
  5. punkmaxx

    punkmaxx Android Enthusiast

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  6. punkmaxx

    punkmaxx Android Enthusiast

    NO matter what MK5 backup i restore from CWM (any version) it seems to corrupt something with touchwiz.... Strange, i'll either have tons of bootloops or FC's if it starts. Could this be more KNOX problems.... I'm not sure but ill find out
  7. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat
    Thread Starter

    For what it's worth the latest SuperSU version 1.80 released today and changelog indicates "added option to disable Knox security pop-ups if present"
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  8. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    Here's the link: SuperSU Download
  9. mrg666

    mrg666 Android Enthusiast

    I have flashed knox remover script right after flashing supersu update and there were no problems with supersu working at the first boot after rooting.
    [CWM][SCRIPT][4.2.2/4.3] DE-SAMSUNGNIZER Script V4.1 - Clean all unneded Samsung Crap - xda-developers

    I think this is much simpler.

    I have also used the latest CWMT ( for d2spr from the clockworkmod website. Since it is an image, I have just put it in a tar file to use with Odin

    The tar file is also here
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  10. XAL2

    XAL2 Android Enthusiast

    So if we flash the stock rooted MK5 update plus the knox removal script we will be completely knox free without any complications?
  11. mrg666

    mrg666 Android Enthusiast

    You need to root first to be able to use a custom recovery that can flash KNOX removal script. The bootloader indicates that warranty is invalid in red now. I don't see any complications other than a permanently broken warranty after removing KNOX. I don't know what was that piece-of-garbage doing, there isn't anything missing without it.
  12. XAL2

    XAL2 Android Enthusiast

    I'm already rooted. I never flashed the update.
  13. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Well I tried this but it says binaries "There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it." and that I says that I need to manually root it. :/ no go for me. can anyone help me with this?
  14. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    Try flashing SuperSu 1.8.0 update using philz recovery instead of cwm. That seems to work for those who can't get it to stick with cwm. Like me :)
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  15. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Well i got it to work but i need to know where to get philz recovery? I csnt find it o_O
  16. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat
    Thread Starter

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  17. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

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  18. dennytechno

    dennytechno Member

    you're rooted on 4.3?
  19. Valstar101

    Valstar101 Newbie

    Will this work on phones that upgraded through regular mean like kies or system update on stock rom?
  20. floydster12

    floydster12 Lurker

    Whenever I try to flash any of the Philz Touch Recovery versions for d2spr in regular CWM it says assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "d2spr" || getprop("ro.build.device") == "d2spr" ||...and repeats that several times then says E: Error in /external_sd/philz_touch_6.0.0.0-d2spr.zip (status 7 ) instalation aborted. Ive tried putting on internal sd external sd tried different versions with same thing every time. Should I flash via Odin instead?
  21. floydster12

    floydster12 Lurker

    I for got to mention I flashed the mk5 4.3 stock deodexed Rom but still have not achieved root via CWM thats why im trying this method.

    Update: Ok guys sorry for any wasted time reading this post. Just got it to flash through Odin. We are successfully rooted on stock mk5 4.3. Thank you guys for all the hard work. TheBritton has helped me tremendously through this process and just wanna give him a big shout out and thank you. The fun now begins.
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  22. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat
    Thread Starter

    To flash Philz recovery you must use a custom recovery like CWM. You can also install with Odin using the tar
  23. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Yes I became rooted on 4.3 using philz cwm and using the latest superuser 1.80 which disables Knox :) easy as slicing pie!
  24. I got this awesome phone 3 days ago and well satisfied so far but i want to root wich doesnt seem that hard and well i havent really been on this galaxy s3 all thing root forum and well they made have asked this question before but today i decided to root it ,postive to do it but i wake up an android update to 4.3 and well i did it but my question is this root method posted in this forum safe with this version of android ? Also i pretty much want a stock rom so any problems with the 3g 4g or wifi or messaging or any precautions i should take in mind before i root if possible ?

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