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Virgin mobile HTC Desire 626s custom recovery help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bakerd62, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. bakerd62

    bakerd62 Member
    Thread Starter

    So I've tried all of the recoveries, the twrp- just reboots, the cyanrecovery.img goes to a black screen, and the twrp-3.0.0-1-a32e-no_touch.img boots but no touch. I don't understand how people are getting root when I've done everything as said. I've unlocked the bootloader, I've downloaded the 3 recoveries multiple times on multiple devices, I've made sure I put in the right commands everytime, and still no go. I'm wanting to establish a root so I can get on with debloating and development. Can someone help please

  2. bakerd62

    bakerd62 Member
    Thread Starter

  3. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

    Hey Dude, did you find a solution to this? I had the same problem. Finally what I did was fastboot install the older TWRP and immediately put the newest one on top of it and it booted and all is good.
  4. nannycrick

    nannycrick Well-Known Member

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