Apr 17, 2013
Elizabeth City, NC, United States
I tried the thread with the TWRP backup and it did not work. I found another link going to try it. Currently my phone will show the logo go blank then reboot into recovery or just stay stuck at the logo. I am here in tears trying to fix my phone. It is a virgin mobile samsung galaxy victory. Please help...
Did you see an actual backup file? I don't think simply installing TWRP creates a backup automatically. I'm sure someone will be able to steer you in the right direction. There might be a way to just factory reset it from the boot menu.
Have you been able to do an actual factory reset on the phone? It might be easiest to do that, backup, and then install the Victorious rom on top. I liked this because it just simply went on top of your current OS. You'll probably end up with better performance anyways, which is nice. I'm no pro in this department, but I had an LG that I thought was screwed multiple times and then was easily fixed.
Remember after you have TWRP and the Victorious zip install to not do a factory reset. That was my only problem when installing the rom. Will check back in a few.
Give me 15 minutes while I factory reset (already have backup). Will install Victorious.

I'm pretty much at the same spot that you're at but nobody is responding in my thread. The detox rom is what I had installed not that long ago. I'll try what you're doing (along with Victorious). We'll see what happens together. =P

EDIT: Still the same issue. The rom installs fine. No sound & 3G/4G
When you factory reset before installing the rom was everything else working?

The bootup/phone itself looks very similar. It'll have that Virgin Mobile start screen removed and tons of apps gone. You can check and see if it works by going into the about section in settings.
That's how it is. It also says "this phone will self destruct.."

Right, I actually had the rom until I accidentally wiped my phone last night. nsuchy2013 might be giving me their backup as my backups keep having issues with md5 check sums or whatever. =S
I'm glad you at least got it booted and working. I'm sure everything will be resolved if you keep working on it. Make sure data is actually enabled in your settings and all that good stuff.

The only reason I asked if the data was working before you booted the rom was because I think he said that the rom doesn't touch the modem of the phone. If it worked on the factory reset version then this should've booted on top smoothly.
When you factory reset it what happens? Can you get back to the stock version?

I'm thinking when you're in the boot menu to actually try to just reset the phone and then boot it up.

EDIT: http://androidforums.com/virgin-mob...stock-virgin-mobile-victory-07-04-2013-a.html

This seems like it might be the solution you're looking at in worst case scenario. Download and flash it to your sd card. It should be a complete restore.