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Virgin Mobile just tried to screw me!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SB13X, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just got a text to say my phone had been suspended as I had gone over my


  2. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    Strange! Could be a problem with the Virgin accounts system, or at least I hope it is!

    Can you go to their website and check your current itemised bill? I'm on Orange and I can see my current usage for all parts of my package, and look at included/out of bundle charges.
  3. Stucky

    Stucky Well-Known Member

    No he can't check their website...
  4. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    doh! ;)
  5. Jeidii

    Jeidii Lurker

    Woah.. you guys have limits on your data usage, that just sounds weird.
    In here we can get mobile broadband (384kbs) for phone 4,90e and unlimited usage. 1mb is 9,90e and 15mb 13,90e @month.
  6. Nodders

    Nodders Android Enthusiast

    It's common in the UK. Typically "unlimited" broadband has a fair usage limit which in effect limits it but is so high that it should not act as a barrier to the majority of users. It's a tad annoying but practically does not make that much of a difference. For VM (which I am also a customer of, and seriously worried by the OPs experiences) the limit is 1GB/month which in practice on a phone is not really a problem - hence the ASA don't come down on them.
  7. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Android Expert

    'Unlimited' in the UK means you won't be disconnected if you exceed your allowance, but you may be charged extra per Mb.
  8. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah it looks like they certainly have been charging me for data at 50p every MB but a lot of it seems to stem from downloading an album of 145 MB today. Which still doesn't add up as my allowances were renewed today. Ahh well somethings up so guess I will have to wait for a couple of days until my bill is produced and call back.

    One thing to note though Virgin customers, if your account gets suspended you lose your right to access your account online. As I can access it now they have reactivated my service.

    Yeah but they'll cut you off once you exceed your credit limit. LoL although with my limit being
  9. Franc Kaos

    Franc Kaos Lurker

    I've had to start watching their accounts too, like last month they 'forgot' to credit me with the internet allowance and charged me
  10. kopite72

    kopite72 Newbie

  11. DjLukeW

    DjLukeW Well-Known Member

  12. riki1kenobi

    riki1kenobi Well-Known Member

    Blimey Stu, you been on those xxx sites again *tut tut*......

    Seriously bud, I've had some woes with Virgin before now, but usually they are pretty good when it comes to the customer service side of things. Initially they will deny all knowledge, but what I learned (from infuriating experience) is to just bypass the first few plebs on the phone and ask to get put through to the relevant supervisor who are the ONLY ones who can actually do something productive.

    I use Call Manager NG to manage my data allowance since mine is only a paltry 500mb per month, but I dont use it to download anything ;) You can set the date for your monthly allowances (minutes, data and sms) and it keeps track of it all for you.

    I only use it for data though as (being on orange) I have magic numbers which give me free calls to certain numbers so I have to rely on the orange app to keep track of my calls now!

    Hope you get it sorted mate.......:D
  13. APK

    APK Newbie

    I use call Meter, as like you I only get 500mb, but this can also handle free calls, so you can add your orange free numbers and it won't count them, I get free landline calls, so just add 01* and it will ignore all calls starting with 01.
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  14. hussar10a

    hussar10a Newbie

    Seems like they have a glitch in the accounting system. My wife and I have both been with VM since its inception, and suddenly this month she got a letter stating she has an unpaid bill from August. Appears they failed to draw the DD. She also is struggling to make any headway with the normally brilliant customer services, other than the fact they told her that it was their system error, and they would sort it. But still the letters come .................. !
  15. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Android Enthusiast

    I'm not so sure about that...

    I thought the idea of 'Unlimited' as opposed to a hard cap was that you can go over your limit and not be charged but if you take the piss and do it month after month they will just suspend your account.

    My housemate also has a Desire but on Voda and they called him 2 months in telling him to back off his internet usage or they'd have to suspend his account. He was using almost double his allowance in each month! He's backed off but still goes over a little bit most months he says, never actually been charged a penny more.

    I'm pretty sure if they sell it as unlimited they are not legally allowed to charge you for any data you use (unless it's from abroad) but they can terminate the unlimited agreement if you break the terms and conditions (i.e. fair usage policy.) Otherwise, if they just flat out started charging you the second you went over the fair usage amount then it's not unlimited at all, it's just a 500/750/1000MB allowance. Pretty sure there's legal stuff in place to do with this sort of thing...
  16. Eat_My_Brains

    Eat_My_Brains Newbie

    Anyone know how much virgin uk charge you once you go over the 1gb a month allowance as im them too!
  17. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    From the way they charged me 48p per MB.
  18. Bassjunkieuk

    Bassjunkieuk Lurker

    I did have one weird charge on my account once but it was only for a few
  19. dolbydan

    dolbydan Newbie

    Vodafone and Orange are very good, unlimited to 1 gig, if you go considerably over on a regular basis all you get is a letter to slow down.
  20. madhatter1689

    madhatter1689 Android Enthusiast

    Virgin have been great since I moved over to them from o2. However, this month my bill was more than double my usual amount and it was due to the fact that they had charged me for my data usage. The lady on the other end quickly saw the issue and reimbursed me the difference. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was a glitch!!
  21. nofear

    nofear Well-Known Member

    Virgin are pricks, don't know arse hole from their elbow. I rang two weeks before travelling requesting that my phone allow int. Roaming, here i am stuck in turkey using hotel WiFi, I've emailed them four times no response. Tried logging in but the site has technical difficulties
  22. BarnumC

    BarnumC Member

    I too have been with VM since inception, and rarely had any problems with them, the ones I did have were sorted out almost immedialtely, and usually by the first or second person I speak to. Now to the OP problem.
    I had a text from VM on the 3rd of this month saying :-
    Sorry! Due to a technical issue some of your itemised charges won't show on this months bill. Don't worry we've checked, & your monthly charge is correct.

    I checked and all is fine just under a gig of download and 2000 txts left..(Only had the phone for a month now :D and loving every minute

    It does sound like there a virgin/desire error somewhere
  23. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Both have said they will be charging people who exceed their FU.

    I thought both now do.
  24. I-desire

    I-desire Member

  25. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Just a quick update for you all, after a couple of dodgy calls, I rang again and ensured I was recording the call and voila, all the data charges dropped and an incresase to my data allowances to 2GB to say sorry. Result.

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