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[Virgin Mobile] Latest official update from Samsung?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mtuser, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. mtuser

    mtuser Member
    Thread Starter

    First off, just want to say largely hate the new forums, combining the providers made a terrible mess.

    Anyway I use CM 11 & 12 w. MK5 modem on my SG3 since forever, but I'm wondering what the latest official Samsung update is these days.

    It looks like it's probably 4.4.2 KK with an NDC modem? e.g. this

    If so can anyone tell me:

    1 Is there a fix for stage fright in that update?
    2 Will the VM SG3 get a Lollipop upgrade?

    thank you!

  2. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Nj2 is the stagefright patch. There is another update after that but no one has grabbed the .tar.
    No, this phone will never get official lollipop. All updates are still 4.4.2.
    Custom roms a-plenty though! We have a few marshmallow roms now. 2 unofficial cm13 builds by different devs, also AICP 11 (MM) And last but not least OctosM.
    I can grab some links for ya if you want, but it sounds like you got the hang of it.
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  3. mtuser

    mtuser Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks very much for the reply. Okay so it looks like for VM I do flash the Sprint NJ2 file if I want NJ2, this is the only link I found

    [STOCK][ODIN][TAR] L710VPUDNJ2 PC Odin Flashable ( Sprint )

    and then I guess I have to reinstall recovery and root. I'm still on Philz which seems no longer used, I guess I'll have to go to TWRP though I prefer Philz.

    Likewise if say i want to get the actual stock TW NJ2 Rom, I again use the Sprint version

    [Stock ROM] [NJ2] 4.4.2 [TW]

    Just being careful to clarify as it's hard to keep track of what works across carriers and what doesn't, and the new forums don't exactly make it any easier to sort out.

    thank you again!
  4. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Yes, that's the one. I am on virgin mobile and currently running nj2. The proper vm firmware is actually nj3, but I don't think there is a .tar for it.
    Alternately, you could flash ndc, and then take the ota updates to get to the latest firmware. They come pretty fast once you flash ndc. That's how I did my wife's s3.
    But the sprint version (nj2) works just fine.
    Philz is definitely outdated. In fact, it's no longer even in development. Twrp is the way to go. Twrp has just recently been updated to 3.0.0-0. They now use a dash for the last number for device specific updates. It has many new updates, new features. It is far superior to philz in every way.

    The .tar you linked first is fine, you shouldn't need the zip in your second link. The nj2 .tar in the first one is the entire firmware, rom, modem, everything.
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  5. mtuser

    mtuser Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the reply! One last question I discovered my previously flaky usb connector has now degenerated to the point of being non functional (I use wireless charging). Is there a guide any place on how to root this sans connector?

    I was looking at mobile odin and it's replacement but they look rather sketchy. I do actually still have the original rom backed up so I was thinking I could restore it, hope it can take the OTA update, and then try to re root with Towel root if so. I can't tell if Towel root really works for an updated VM S3 with latest update.

    thanks for any advice.
  6. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    All of the towelroot exploits have been patched in the newer updates, so that's not an option anymore.
    No one click roots are likely to work anymore. Without a USB, you are rather limited.
    You won't be able to update by restoring your backup unless it also includes the stock recovery. You can't take ota with custom recovery.
    I have seen people have luck using flashfire (successor to Mobile Odin). It's actually much better than mobile odin ever was. I haven't used it personally. But from reading, you can use it to flash a stock .tar and actually inject root into the .tar prior to flash.
    For the USB connector, I'm not too sure, I think there is some soldering involved. I bet there are videos on YouTube.
  7. mtuser

    mtuser Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks, I tried mobile odin didn't work just made the phone not boot, maybe I should have tried Flashfire first. Seems like there might be someway to do this with dd and wireless adb etc but it was taking a while to figure out all the options.

    However I did manage to find one cable that goes a little deeper into the connector, that if pushed hard would mostly stay connected. It interrupted once but fortunately didn't brick the phone :) so I did get it updated eventually with NJ2 and TWRP 2.8.7 I was wary of 3 since it was just released.

    I've looked into the soldering thing in the past unfortunately it's not a casual solder job. There is a place that does repairs on these but it's half the cost of the phone. My family member has the same issue with their connector so perhaps I'll try Flashfire on theirs.

    thanks for your help
  8. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    After you flash rom, gapps, and apn fix, boot up the phone. Setup on WiFi if you can, if not don't worry just boot up fully. Then back to recovery and dirty flash just the rom, no wipes, no apn fix. Then boot system and data should be working.
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