Android Enthusiast
May 24, 2012
This has been out a few months now. It's been a while since I've gotten a device that's so new.

So far, working quite well for me. It has enough memory for the apps I want to use. I did scale back from the crazy amount of apps I was using in my previous phone, a G Stylo. This Stylo 3 is most definitely a HUGE upgrade for me. I feel like I'm using a much more refined, and expensive phone. It's also slimmer and lighter than the G Stylo (really, it is). I'm still waiting on a case and screen protector for the thing... should add a bit of bulk and weight.

One of the reasons I bought it was the FM Radio chip. I wonder why more smartphones don't have one? It's great for long trips, and saving data when you want to hear some news, sports and music without Internet.

I'm sure some users will want to root this. As for myself, I don't think I'd need to do that (well, not for the immediate future). I haven't unlocked the developer options, because this thing is crazy smooth and responsive... maybe a tad too much. (Hmm... I sad the same thing about my Tribute, which I still have for backup, and the G Stylo...) Nougat took away the app drawer... which I actually don't mind. There's really no need for an app drawer anymore, in my view. If you want one, you can always install a different home launcher. But I prefer to try and adjust a bit to any newer device, rather than fighting it.

Not sure what I'll do with the older G. Might rebuild it with the 5.1.1 image ... reroot it, set the option to block the Marshmallow upgrade, make sure that works, then unroot and keep it for backup. I think that one works best stock.

Does anyone else have this phone, either with VM, some other carrier, or unlocked? Yeah, this would be a great unlocked phone, especially if you don't need a lot of apps.