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[Virgin Mobile] lte mms and group messaging cm 11

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by destroynirvana, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. destroynirvana

    Thread Starter

    This is the way to get lte and mms working as well as 3g mms and group messaging:
    device l710pubmkf (no knox)
    android 4.41

    1.do a clean flash of nightly 11-20131208-nightly-d2spr
    3. download handcent from market
    4. make default messaging
    5. go to application settings in handcent; under mms settings go to carrier setup
    6. click manual
    7. enter this exactly http://mmsc.vmobl.com:8088/mms? no quotes
    8.hit ok
    7. under application settings scroll to bottom; turn on thread group conversation


  2. berzerkus

    berzerkus Newbie

    FYI, Worked for me on 12-18 cm11 build starting at step 3 listed above.

    I'd "assume" (dangerous i know) that it will work for most any build.
  3. Ping0

    Ping0 Well-Known Member

    I believe most of us went with the hangouts and MopedRyders 2nd fix.
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  4. destroynirvana

    Thread Starter

    I will try that 12-18 thanks...
  5. EricH4753

    EricH4753 Android Enthusiast

    what's the latest nightly? 12-18? Could I get a link too?
  6. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone tried on cm 10.2 Roms?
  7. berzerkus

    berzerkus Newbie

  8. destroynirvana

    Thread Starter

  9. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    Camera issue was fixed on 12/15/2013 build from CyanogenMod. It was possible to use a third-party app, like Cymera (from Play Store) as a workaround on the builds where camera was borked (I think it was just roughly from 12/12-12/14); finding that app would never have happened for me if camera hadn't been an issue, so somewhat of a silver lining! Other thing to look out for is that there were some bluetooth issues around that same time frame, but in general it seems like CyanogenMod crew is working to resolve bugs like that as fast as they can. The changelogs since then haven't indicated any major fixes, so anything from 12/15 on should be good, I have been using that particular build heavily with no issues whatsoever.
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  10. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member

    Link Here to CM11 12-23-2013 Heavily Debloated. :thumbup:

    You'll still need kk gapps to flash unless your already on CM11.
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  11. richking34

    richking34 Android Enthusiast

    I was on 12 21 13 build and everything was working perfectly, camera worked great
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  12. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast

    Well this is what's happening for me. I installed cm 11 12-29-2013 couldn't get hangouts to work I did a titanium app restore when hangouts had the apn settings no go so I decided to use chomp I would enter the apn in chomp mms after I close chomp and open it the apn would be set to sprints apn weird thing is I could send and receive mms via lte I used mopedryders mod 1 and it would be set on lte but when I open the apn for lte it show the correct mmsc but all the rest is sprint I would try to edit the rest but the apn for lte Disney stick even after I hit save any ideas?
  13. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast

    OK here's what I did to get mms working on cm.11 build 12-29-2013. Ok I flashed cm.11 with no gapps
    first then I booted up cm.11 went into APN settings deleted all the apns rebooted into recovery did a factory reset then i found the APN fix called MG2 APN fix flashed it booted up the phone not getting the error android.phone.processes Message also the I downloaded chomp SMS sent a MMS to my self works perfect also if you long press the photo you sent it will let you see the APN settings and mine are correct now the way it should be 😃
    P.S I set chomp to default SMS also disabled receive in stock sms .
  14. sean19661

    sean19661 Android Enthusiast

    MMS late

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