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Aug 23, 2011
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Just want to clarify for anybody who is looking for official firmware....

NO OFFICIAL FIRMWARE Has Been Released For This Phone
pretty sure this is indeed what we are looking for, though I'm not qualified to judge on the "official" bit. but it looks legit to me.
Source code can be built, provided that everything is there.

Firmware is ready to flash.

Kinda think that this thread is serving as a warning to not flash the wrong firmware.

(unless someone has checked and found the firmware built and ready on that site)
I posted a link to that firmware somewhere around here last week i think. I was able to capture it from Kies. You can find it here. I also uploaded a flash reset counter and a twrp-2.6.x that works with old and new devices 'no, e:can't mount /sdcard blah blah' error on newer devices. All this can be found here...
Directory Listing of /android/download/

p.s. the firmware is the '' file, the recovery file there was extracted from the firmware to help make the twrp. The changes file is the components of the counter reset zip.
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Fair enough. We monitor hundreds of forums, thousands of threads, didn't notice that.

Locking this one and taking it down a notch.

If you need another pinned to the top, drop me a line. Cheers! :)
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