Root [Virgin Mobile] OK, here's the deal,


I've read all the threads about link2SD and I believe that I have followed them real well, I have a 32gb chip in my phone I have deleted most all of the bloatware linked says Internal 93% free, SD card 93% free, Ext. SD 80% free, SD card 2nd part 91%free system 37% free, cache 98% free, yet if i try and put anything else in i get an error message saying Insufficient storage available, I was able to put more on my phone BEFORE I rooted and bricked a phone I even used a 64gb chip but my phone got too HOT, I really don't want to do that swap thing as it will screw up to many of my programs, any kind words or suggestions would be muchly appreciated. I know I followed the instructions really as I did both phones three times each, help please I am really getting frustrated.