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[Virgin Mobile] Please someone help me make the update stop!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mscheaf, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. mscheaf

    mscheaf Member
    Thread Starter

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I am begging!!! I can't take this update notification every day. I cannot install the update because I am rooted. I have stock everything, just rooted with twrp. Stock EVERYTHING. MG5. I tried the mg5_to_nd4_twrp update from madbot but it fails with an "E:unknown file system: 'datamedia" error. I don't understand anything about these phones. I barely got it rooted by following step by step instructions. So I am not going to be able to actually do the update.

    I just want the notification to stop. Please please please please someone tell me how to do that.

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  2. mscheaf

    mscheaf Member
    Thread Starter

    I have deleted some stock apps. I guess that is why it fails maybe? I hate this. I just hate this so f-ing much. I will never root a phone again, that is if I even do another Android. I just hate this all so much. Has been nothing but a giant PITA since day one. I don;t rememebr ever being frustrated this much over any dumb phone ever. And all I really want is a phone with the occasional web browsing and email. I should really just go back to a dumb phone shouldn't I? I really have zero desire to learn how to do anything with these phones.
  3. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    If that's all you wanted, why root? With rooting comes a level of responsibility to maintain your phone on your own. You should know what you're getting in to before you root. You should always have a stock backup before you root or remove system apps. You have to have all the original stuff in order to update.. I have a stock mg5 backup, I'll find the link for you. Just restore it in twrp just like your own backup. Then Flash (install) the no props mg5 to nd4 update. I'll get that link for you as well.
    Edit: I responded to another one of your many posts about this. If the directions in that thread are too complicated for you there's not much I can do.

    Edit 2: here is stock mg5 backup. https://drive.google.com/folder/d/0B7FbX6-171skeDN1ZnNEaEp2MnM/edit
    Put it in the folder- twrp/backups/"serial number"/ then restore it like it was your own in twrp. In twrp choose restore then choose this backup file then swipe restore.

    Edit 3 : then download the update here http://link.tapatalk.com/api/click?...RP.zip&subId=50907a3f9889b7ea9ce755f67a05fb37
    Install the update in twrp. Then you will be updated. Now remember before you modify your system or go deleting system apps, make a backup in twrp. Always have a way back. Remember that there may be updates some day and if you don't know how to modify an updater script to install in custom recovery, there may be problems for you. Do your homework first and you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

    Rooting isn't for everyone. In your other post you said you know nothing about any of this and don't want to, that you hate android, hate this phone, maybe rooting isn't your thing. Remember we are all fans of android here, and with comments like that it may be hard to get help in the future. We all get frustrated with this stuff sometimes, take a breath, the answer might be closer than you think sometimes. Sorry if that got a little preachy but, bro, it was REAL hard to want to help you with all those comments, posts, assaulting all the victory threads. Best advice I can give if you plan to keep this phone, unroot it and stay stock. And don't get so frustrated about it, remember its just a phone.
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  4. the_Victorian

    the_Victorian Member

    Why did you root then?
  5. bob-st

    bob-st Android Enthusiast

    I have friends that have IPhones and they love em.

    Android lets you control your phone but as madbat said, control is not for everyone
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  6. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    @ mscheaf: I edited my previous post. Hope it helps bro.
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Buy yourself an Apple iPhone, DO NOT JAILBREAK IT, I think you might be happier than. :)

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