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[Virgin Mobile] [Q][MK5][4.3][STOCK] Default Keyboard?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ajnycguy, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have downloaded the Google keyboard and my phone seems to not want to keep it set to be my default keyboard. It will stay for a bit but will then change itself back to the Samsung keyboard. (I haven't tested other keyboards yet). Any help on this is much appreciated. :thumbup:

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  2. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    If you are rooted, you can "freeze" the Samsung Keyboard with Titanium Backup.

    I haven't had the issue on 4.3 but I did on build MG2 and that corrected my issue. Freezing is sometimes better than deleting because if you ever decide you want to use the app again you can easily restore it.
  3. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    If you want I can post a Dropbox link for a keyboard called JellyBean Keyboard 4.3 Pro, I like to install it along with Google keyboard in case either the stock AOSP keyboard or the Google keyboard starts acting up (as usual I am on AOSP builds most of the time, and their keyboard is notorious for having issues). I find it is good to have an alternative in case stock or Google decides to not cooperate, and this particular keyboard has given me zero issues so far. Let me know.
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  4. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Tried to freeze Samsung Keyboard and instead of going to Samsung Keyboard it went to the Swype Keyboard -_-. FREEZE ALL THE KEYBOADS!

    Does this keyboard look like the new Google keyboard? I'll try it, worth a shot, Thanks. I'll be making that homescreen thread later today after my finals :/. Can't wait to see all the homescreens!
  5. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    For those that would like to try JellyBean Keyboard 4.3 Pro, and yes it is very similar to the Google one which is why I like it, plus very stable:

    I would double-check with Britton about a homescreen thread, after I suggested that I realized that it wouldn't technically be a "root" thread. I know there is a huge thread on the general SGS3 page. However, I do think it would be cool for the smaller VM rooted community to be able to share ours without wading through thousands of posts on the other thread (it really is that big). Like I said, get Britton's input, he knows way more than I do about the ins and outs.

    P.S. For those that want it, here is Xposed, if you install XBlast Tools from the downloader in the framework, you can mod your keyboard!
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  6. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there a way to change the blue to white? I'm use to using the white and now using the blue is kind of weird haha.

    Also, what's the point in modding a keyboard? What can you do? I'll have to add this to my thread ;).
  7. ebildude123

    ebildude123 Member

    Please don't post warez apks lol
  8. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    I think this is fine here since the issue of defaults not remaining could be device specific and could also be resolved with root access. By the way, I have in the past resolved default keyboards not sticking by freezing the keyboards that I don't use. Then the "last keyboard standing" will be forced to default indefinitely until other keyboards are installed or unfrozen. I experienced this frequently in Android 4.2 where the Samsung keyboard insisted on being default after a reboot even when I selected others to replace it. I eventually froze the Samsung Keyboard app and all was well :)

    As for general discussion on the keyboard itself, feel free to post a new thread about this keyboard app in the general application forum if you want. There is a variety of places that it could go:

    Android Applications - Android Forums

    Or you could even do a review of the app for others to benefit from here:

    Application Reviews - Android Forums

    struckn, I think the latter might be appropriate for you considering you recommend the keyboard ;)
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