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[Virgin Mobile] requesting help with no-pc rom changes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MizKoko, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    trying to get jdsingle's 4.3 rom on without PC access (usb ports messed up) and get root again since this rooted sprint's 4.1.2 rom without mms and update nags isn't doing it for me.

    I'm not sure at all what I'm doing though I do have a custom recovery on the SD card so step by step help would be great.

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  2. papa b

    papa b Member

    Hey, sorry I didn't answer sooner. I'm still learning on tapatalk.

    In the next post I'll give you a simplified explanation of the steps and ask you to find some information on your phone.

    Keep an open mind and don't get hung up on anything. If anything seems complicated then try to relax and look for a simple understanding instead of speculating about something from the past. Whatever was done to your phone was probably in good faith even if it was wrong...
  3. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I trust that whoever helps me on here knows what they're doing, and I feel up to attempting to fix this myself and get it done right. I prefer learning by doing, otherwise it just goes out the other ear.
  4. papa b

    papa b Member

    This is all we need to do:
    1) Replace your current recovery with one we know is reliable.
    2) Determine with 100% certainty whether or not the knox bootloader is installed on your phone.
    3) Install the new rom.

    It really is that simple.

    If you have a custom recovery installed already then you should be able to use it to flash a recovery that will replace itself. Right after that we'll flash SuperSU to make sure you still have root.

    At this point we'll reboot into download mode to see if knox is installed. Hopefully it isn't but it's OK if it is.

    Next we'll download the files that need to be flashed and put them in a place where can find them from recovery.

    Next we'll reboot into recovery, perform some wipes then flash the rom.


    Find and download the latest philz recovery for our phone. I'll try to put a link here shortly or at least a version #.

    Download the latest version of SuperSU. It should be 1.86

    Download the ODEXED version of jd's JellyBean 4.3. I'd like you to start with ODEXED so we're on the same page.

    Create a new folder on your External SD card and put all three files in that folder.

    Once you have all three files on the External SD card let me know by posting here.
  5. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    Go to the end of the Philz thread in the stickies, he is using Goo.im to host now, I posted the link there earlier today.
  6. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'll have to start tomorrow since I'm backing up and then clearing out extra space on the SD card, (videos and stuff I don't need) but I will post when I've done so.
  7. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm on 4.1.2 so would I even have knox? ack double post
  8. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    Depends on what went on with your phone prior to your fix-it guy pushing the ROM that he did onto your device. Generally, it is a very smart move to be aware of whether or not you have Knox moving forward.
  9. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I did one firmware update, before 4.3 rolled out, so I wonder if that had knox in it.
  10. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    No, Knox didn't exist before 4.3, so if you've only done the MG2 bootloader update you should be fine. However, you will want to be 100% positive by checking the script that shows up in Download mode.
  11. papa b

    papa b Member

    Thanks Stuckn. I'd already updated and needed to find the link.
    It's OK that you want to wait. I'm glad actually. When you get a chance, teach yourself how to put your phone into Download mode. You will know it when you see some very tiny lines of print in the very top left corner of the screen along with a large, bold warning in the middle of the screen saying something like DO NOT DISCONNECT TARGET.

    When you're on that screen, Write Down ALL of the lines up in the corner. To leave Download mode hold the power button. It will take longer than you expect, probably 10-15 seconds or more.

    Once the screen goes off just set it down and leave it alone for a few minutes. I've seen mine stay off, reboot, and even what seems like a restart then back off.

    If you include those lines in your next post it'll save us s step later.
    struckn likes this.
  12. mobclan

    mobclan Android Enthusiast

    I hate Knox but I'm rooted and philz recovery cm 11 works for me but I'm looking for a official ROM that I can flash I hate going through asserts
  13. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Here;s what I got:

    odin mode
    product name SPH-L710
    custom binary download: yes 23 counts
    current binary:custom
    system status: custom
    qualcomm secureboot: enable

    I did some deleting and got 7 ish GB clear. (way too many videos) and for some reason the files didn't copy correctly when I put it on the sd with card reader, had to because when i try to download on phone it all it does it show a box saying "shell has been granted su something" and closes the browser
  14. papa b

    papa b Member

    OK, that's great. You do NOT have knox installed which means that anything is possible.

    Download this file,
    it's the latest philz recovery,


    Let's leave a copy in your "downloads" folder and put another copy on your SD card, in case it's hard to find in your current recovery.

    The biggest unknown right now is which recovery is actually installed on your phone. I'm going to over explain a few things so that you'll be reassured if something seems wrong or stops in the next step.

    We are going to use your current recovery to flash a file that replaces it with philz recovery . Simple enough.

    There are a couple of things that might might stop this temporarily but don
  15. MizKoko

    MizKoko Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm having difficulty downloading things though. When I tried my phone browser went nuts with a black "shell has been granted super user" something (another problem with this setup) box and force closing. It didn't seen to work when I tried with the card reader slot on PC, files showed up as unknown file type icons.
  16. papa b

    papa b Member

    OK, don't worry.
    Are you removing your SD card?
    Are you trying to use your computer to download files?

    If so, you don
  17. papa b

    papa b Member

    Hey, I want to let you know that I'm starting to think that you may have more than one SU binary installed.

    If that's the case then you have every reason to be frustrated... You may be seeing things that don't make sense when you try to explain...

    Go to your app drawer and look for anything that had the word super in it's name. The one you want to see is SuperSU but look through all of them.

    If you don't find SuperSU in your apps then go to the play store and install it. If it pops up a warning or anything you don't understand then stop and post.

    We'll get it fixed.
  18. Higgs_Boson

    Higgs_Boson Member


    If your USB is malfunctioning, there is still a way to transfer files between your PC and mobile device.


    If you visit this link on your computer, you can install the app remotely to your phone from the Play store.

    By using this app, you can type a specified ftp:// address into your computer's file explorer and transfer files over your WiFi network.

    I hope I have simplified your life a bit.

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