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[Virgin Mobile] [ROM] CyanogenMod 10 [UNOFFICIAL]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nick_73, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Nick_73

    Nick_73 Member
    Thread Starter

    It is finally done! CyanogenMod is now (un)officially supported!

    CyanogenMod 10 has been built from scratch using source code.
    I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone yadayadayada it was all your idea!
    What doesn't work:
    *Random reboots if WiFi signal gets too low
    *Apps occasionally crash
    *Music does not play, incl. Pandora
    *Fleksy keyboard doesn't work
    *Bluetooth causes reboots

    Download HERE!(MD5 Sums here)
    After you flash the rom, flash this update
    Download CM 10 GApps ONLY from here
    10.2 GApps cause random reboots and keyboard fc because this is 10 not 10.2

    Please wipe /system AND do a factory reset before installing
    I wanna thank g60madman for helping me get the required files and CyanogenMod for making this amazing rom.

    The filetree can be found here

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  2. Nick_73

    Nick_73 Member
    Thread Starter

  3. Nick_73

    Nick_73 Member
    Thread Starter

    10/3/2014: Initial Release
    10/6/14: UPDATE! Swapped out stock sms with 8 Sms, added Visual Voice Mail, and Wifi Tether! Tutorial on how to get tethering to work HERE!


    How do I take a screenshot?
    Press and hold power button and vol down buttons together
  4. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Another win. Keep up the good work.
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