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Root [Virgin Mobile] Rooting and mods my experiences

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rodnok01, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. rodnok01

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    Jan 19, 2014

    Jan 19, 2014
    First let me say excellent How To on Rooting a Victory on this site.
    Using those instructions I had a few issues, mostly USB drivers with a couple other issues with the Victory phones I rooted(3 so far). These are just a few issues I ran into and maybe can help someone else.

    First issue is with USB Windows 7 drivers and Samsung devices, which didn't surprise me in the least as every other Samsung I have owned or worked on seems to throw Windows 7 fits.

    The version of USB drivers I had worked fine when the phone was booted up but wouldn't be recognized at recovery screen from ODIN, nor would adb see them. Uninstalled and used the older version from the links in guide and they worked for 2 of the phones, had use uninstall and reinstall version I had before to get 3rd to be seen. Why all three didn't behave similair I have ZERO clue nor do I care. They all 3 are seen from laptop at recovery,adb or booted up with latest drivers(one's I originally had installed). I tried multiple USB ports and different cables just to rule those out.

    Second issue was 2 of the 3 phones would not boot into DOWNLOADING with using ADB. Since you cannot see the phone in ODIN without it being in Downloading this becomes an issue. No particular rhyme or reason I can think of for this issue either. The one that would boot into Downloading without ADB reboot would not boot into TWRP recovery after ODIN uploading. After letting phone boot and using adb reboot download command and redo ODIN upload it did. Not sure why on this either.

    Third issue I had to use version 3.07 of ODIN or they wouldn't show up no matter what drivers I installed or what phone. Fairly certain between my laptop hating me and Samsung drivers something wasn't playing well with the others. No biggie since it worked.

    Since I have experience with adb, samsung drivers and rooting phones it was only mildly painful. Without adb loaded I would have never been able to get root to work though.

    The rest of the rooting process worked like a charm and was probably the easiest I have done. Many thanks to those you wrote the DIY.

    Did have to uninstall playstore services and play store updates a couple days later for some reason. I think the pre loaded You Tube app was dorking something up and when deleted it had a negative effect upon those. Not a real big deal either.

    So far I have deleted the following(with a note of what they did if not obvious) without issue.
    I use Link2sd to delete user apps and system apps, could easily be done from terminal window.
    Music Hub-Paid app
    Mobile ID-BS Samsung themes basically, some said may try to reinstall but mine did not.
    Yahoo Finance
    Samsung push service-used with samsung hub, Chaton, Allshare Play, Samsung wallet and others

    Internet-stock browser
    Samsung apps-BS bloatware
    Yahoo News and NewsDaemon- Yahoo news app
    Shopper-no longer supported anyways
    YouTube-Preloaded with updates dorked it up and constantly crashed.

    After trying every tether app version I had from the last few years, both paid and free the only one working is the TrevEmod version. I have contacted a couple developers to see what they can fix and will let you know if anything can be fixed.

    Overall a very nice phone once rooted I think, esp for the price of $80. No real issues with it so far.

    Cheers and hope this can help someone later on.


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