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[Virgin Mobile] [SOLVED] Installed MK5 Stock 4.3 rom, Now wifi does not work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SpecialKeezie, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. SpecialKeezie

    SpecialKeezie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just installed jdsingle76's rom from here


    on both mine and my wife's galaxy s3's. I followed the 4.3 for newbies sticky guide, and the process went very smooth. No hiccups at all until i tried to turn on the wifi upon rebooting.

    When "flipping" the wifi switch, it would immediately switch back to off, never even for 1 second staying "on". I did not wipe data or system during the update, so i went back and did so on my phone. Upon rebooting, same issue during the setup

    I went to the thread on xda and flashed the "wifi fix" listed in the original post, and the wifi will now toggle on, but will perpetually "look for networks" and never find any. Is there a fix for this? did i do something wrong? or can i go back to the previous rom? please help!


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  2. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    Try refreshing the rom do a clean flash an only flash supersu 1.7.5 after it !!!
    PS what recovery are you using an what bootloader are you on??
  3. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Please try going back into recovery. Wipe. Reflash ROM. Or download a fresh new ROM. Flash it.. Honestly you shouldn't have to do WiFi fix. Just flash Superuser 1.80 and it disables Knox.
  4. SpecialKeezie

    SpecialKeezie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    here's where i'm currently at:

    - complete wipe on my phone again, (this time with a davlik cache wipe) reinstalled rom, wifi fix, SU

    - rebooted, wifi working. data is not. persistent "preparing network" green icon in notifications

    - wiped cache, davlik again. installed MK5 modem fix from [ROM][MK5][STOCK][ODEXED/DEODEXED]- Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile - xda-developers

    - wifi and data both now working, received "android update successful" green icon in notifications

    For me, all of the files mentioned in the xda thread were necessary. Not sure why they are omitted form this tutorial, or if i'm just the only one who had issues, but that's what i had to do to fix my problem. It also appears that the davlik wipe was crucial, as it's the only thing i did different to get the wifi working

    on my wife's phone, i never did a complete wipe. her data was working, but her wifi was not. went into recovery, wiped cache and davlik, reinstalled all files (except MK5 modem) and rebooted. she is now up and running with data and wifi both working and she didn't even have to do a complete wipe! (lucky her)

    just sharing my experience. hopefully this can help others if they experience similar issues
  5. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Please there is absolutely no need to flash WiFi fix. Just flash ROM and superuser only. If data isn't working. Flash a Virgin Mobile MK5 modem.
  6. SpecialKeezie

    SpecialKeezie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    you may be correct, it very well could have just been messing up due to me not wiping the davlik. but now that it is working fine, is there anything to worry about having flashed the wifi fix?
  7. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    Don't flash wifi fix !!!!!!!!
  8. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    My experience.. I just flash the ROM and superuser 1.80 to disable Knox :) then your all good. To me I think that the WiFi fix wipes my Modem. Idk. Its just me tho. I had to flash a MK5 modem.
  9. Mook663

    Mook663 Newbie

    I'm having this same issue. The rom and data are fine (installed mk5 rom, su 1.80, and mk5 modem), but wifi will not turn on at all.

    I've tried both odex/deodex versions. On other phones it was usually a kernel issue, but this is all stock so I don't know.
  10. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

  11. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member

    Really? Before I flashed the Wi-Fi Fix my phone always said that my Wi-Fi was unstable and was slower than usual. After I flashed the MK5 deodexed rom with the Wi-Fi Fix my Wi-Fi seems to be working better than before.. For me at least.
  12. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Flashing the Wi-Fi fix is fine. It won't ruin anything. Also it does not "wipe the modem". The fix is exactly just that.. a fix for those having Wi-Fi issues. It is not a modem. It is the stock kernel with a minor modification.

    I'm going to also state the obvious here just in case it has been overlooked.. be sure to disable connections optimizer. It can turn WiFi on and off as it sees fit.

    Remember: It should be common practice in flashing any rom to always wipe dalvik cache.. always.

    Another rule to live by: if a rom has issues (especially issues that others aren't experiencing) wipe cache, system, data, dalvik, and reinstall. I have always done this since I used to frequently install updates to Cyanogenmod. A full wipe wasn't always required but often not doing so between updates caused minor and sometimes major issues. So it's good to just make it common practice to always do so when installing roms. Wipe system, cache, data, and dalvik before installing a rom. Try that to fix issues and see if it fixes them before reporting the issues.
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  13. ajnycguy

    ajnycguy Well-Known Member

    Exactly, most devs won't listen to people who dirty flash a rom. You must do a clean flash (wipe data, cache, dalvik) in order to get the best results when flashing any rom.
  14. SpecialKeezie

    SpecialKeezie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i fully understand what the common practice is, but when i'm already on stock, and flashing to another stock rom (no difference than just installing an OTA system update), i don't think it's out of the question to perform a dirty flash. I'm familiar with ROM flashing and updating, and merely just forgot about the davlik this time around.

    for those who still have issues, feel free to let me know, i will walk you through my process
  15. Darien153

    Darien153 Android Enthusiast

    Well just my experience of completely losing data and modem in the process when I flashed WiFi fix. Honestly idk what I could have done wrong. Wipe everything, flash new ROM. Flash Knox removal. Flash WiFi fix. And what????? My modem is gone??? Baseband unknown? Completely no data?? It took me a few days to realize that I had to flash a Virgin mobile Modem. Again. This is my experience with the WiFi fix. Everything was fine after I flashed the correct modem to the correct version of android.
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  16. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Dirty flashes CAN be okay but if one is having issues and didn't do a clean install to see if it corrected the issues, then the issues shouldn't be reported in this forum.
  17. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

  18. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Android Enthusiast

    I'm going to jump in here, if you don't mind. First of all, thank you all for your help in getting the word out for this build, especially @TheBritton. I want to caveat off of what he said for a second. First, I would never post anything in a thread that I hadn't first flashed to my phone. I wouldn't expect anyone to risk messing up their phone without me first risking messing up mine.

    Secondly, when I made this build, I could not get wifi to work, regardless of what I did, even with a fresh MK5 modem. The wifi fix is essentially the stock kernel with a tweak. It is completely, 100% safe. I have heard of a couple instances where users do not need the fix, but the majority of people I have talked to, do need it. So please, if you see something in an OP's thread with regard to install instructions, do not contradict those instructions if you happen to not do that portion of the instructions and everything worked. A good example is a dirty flash. I dirty flash all the time, but I of course know the risk(bootloop). If I dirty flash a Dev's Rom, and it bootloops, I would not go into the thread and post to everyone not to dirty flash. It depends on what build is on there prior, kernel, recovery, lots of things. When all else fails, a 100% clean install is the way to go. But with this build, if you are coming from MG2(which most users are), then this will not flash the MK5 modem, and chances are wifi will not work...hence the advice to flash the MK5 modem and wifi fix.

    Also, to clear another thing up. Supersuser does not disable Knox, or anything else. There is no knox in this build. It's gone, it doesn't exist, so there's nothing to disable. The only things relating to Knox in the build(still) are the apps that are used with the bootloader. The Knox App Remover gets rid of those. The SuperSu Update is needed to get root, that's it. When I built this, I injected root and busybox...but it didn't take...so in order to get it back, you must flash SuperSu in custom recovery. That's why it's there, nothing else.

    Lastly, just to reiterate, modems are independent of kernels, zips, etc., meaning unless you are flashing with tar or a one-click, they have to be flashed as a separate entity unless the dev has cooked it into the zip, which most do not, because they know that users like to do that themselves, because every modem/user/location/phone, is different. So by flashing the wifi fix, you are changing the boot.img of the build, the kernel, that's why it says CNexus(he put it together for me), and not some stock number. It has absolutely no impact on the modem. That has to be flashed separately, and I suggest that if you're going to use this build, you use the MK5 modem.

    So final thoughts, if you follow the install instructions to the letter, 100%, then you should have absolutely zero issues with this rom. I've had this rom on my phone since the day I built it, and have not had one issue. And if you start getting force closes, random reboots, etc...take a look at what apps, tweaks, mods, etc, you have, that may be the conflict. And when all else fails, do a clean install. The rom works, it truly does. Please PM me if you have any questions or issues regarding this post. Thank you again for your support and help with this build.
  19. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    ^^^ Thumb up Thumb up ^^^
  20. SpecialKeezie

    SpecialKeezie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    very cool. at the very least i'm glad that my experience has helped clear up a few issues about what is and isn't appropriate or acceptable to flash. This is the exact reason I am thankful for you guys, and this community. Great things can happen when we all work together and help one another!
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  21. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Right on!! It always makes me happy to see issues being resolved here in the forums. Also, the only way to learn is to ask so never hesitate to do so. Others will learn from seeing the Q&A here as well.

    Glad you're here!
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