Dec 17, 2013
My phone rebooted itself tonight, and while rebooting, a window opened that said

Android Updating
Starting Apps

Not sure what kind of update, as I am still on 4.1.2.

Anyone know what was updated?
Mine did that a couple of weeks ago. I think it is so that they can start tracking the 4g lte data starting 1/31/14. It is not being tracked right now but will be end of jan. You will probably get a text soon telling you about the throttle amt.
Lol, that's normal it has nothing to do with any data tracking. It means whatever app was installed to system doesn't have an odex file so it has to be reloaded every reboot. In my case, I installed a Modded YouTube to the system, and removed the odex file for it to work.

It is nothing to worry about at all. It isn't an update. It's rebuilding the application database basically.
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OH OK maybe not an update for him but mine was an update from virgin mobile. It was a system update. May have just been a coincidence that i received a text shortly after saying that the will now be tracking my 4g lte usage starting 1/31/14. Which kinda sucks loved having unlimited 4g but hey they need to keep their expenses down or charge us more.
There hasn't been an update for the Virgin Mobile F3 yet, because Vm sucks and doesn't ever update anything. Lol
Like I explained when it says Android is upgrading it really isn't. That's just what it shows if you either clear the Dalvik or have a missing odex file so it is reloading the app that's missing the odex file. Hence why some phone roms take so long to boot and why the first boot for any rom takes forever. Because it has to rebuild or reload all the applications. My phone does the Android upgrading thing every time I reboot. If you had a real update it would never ever install without your permission, and it would prompt you through a notification to update. That's it. The most it'd do is download it. But never install it til you tell it too.

I guarantee that information.
I I refuse to help this guy anymore. I know he was not the one asking for help this time but he just gets under my skin. Half the time he's wrong, and he's condescending as all hell.
His comments through this whole thing are so typical of him and exactly why I choose to completely ignore him whenever possible.
It takes a lot for someone to get under my skin, and this guy has succeeded.

Mike, what you said is so true. It's no excuse. He needs to exercise restraint. I don't care if he's frustrated, rules are rules and he needs an infraction imo. He has been warned already for similar.


Mods can remove comments, but they can't remove the comment replies that get sent to my email inbox. Was this directed at me? Because I honestly I was just trying to help, I apologize if anything I said came off as condescending, that wasn't my intent. I rarely ever post on this forum, I'm usually on XDA, so I find it hard to believe that the few posts I've made could've successfully made it that far under your skin lol...
Look what I got today.....


Did not update.
Don't want to possible lose root. I'll wait to see what happens with others about rooting.
i got the same thing. I clicked Restart and Install, the phone restarted but everything looks about the same as before. nothing has changed. android 4.1.2, kernel 3.4.0. I had a rooted phone.

EDIT: nevermind, I just noticed my software version is still LS720ZV5. apparently it did not upgrade. So, this looks like the sprint update. did sprint get JB 4.2 with this update?
Mine did the same thing, said the update for LS720ZV6 was ready to install. I clicked on restart and install, it seems like it may have done a small install of something, but my software versions are still the same. Anyone know what's going on?
I updated to LG720ZV6 with a root and did 2 things instantly when it finished. 1. Check if i was still rooted (and i am still rooted btw) 2. Check if the software versions changed. They didn't. I hope someone can tell us what's going on as well.
Sorry but it was a serious question . Does updates do any harm after rooting etc?

Really, it depends on what you did to the phone after you got root privileges. If you modified or removed a system file included in the update, the update will fail. If the update succeeds, you run the risk of losing root in the process.
That update was only meant to bornk those that had rooted the phone. They did the exact same thing with the Optimus Elite. It just updates QuickMemo and is a deterrent to rooting. It does virtually nothing to "update" your software. You will still have 4.1.2
Update installer ran very briefly, displayed some error icon that vanished as quickly as it appeared, and rebooted, apparently without updating. No way 132MB was downloaded. Still have LS720ZV5 and still rooted. Phone no longer asks to install update; both "Firmware update" and "LG update" under Settings insist the phone is up to date.

This could be because I had 40% battery (but was connected to charger) when attempting to update.
I went ahead with this update yesterday. It killed root, which I got with motochopper and I can't get it back. It was a new phone and I hadn't gotten around to getting a Nandroid backup yet, so I'm stuck without root at the moment. Any ideas?
My wife did not pay attention to the text I sent her and stated "Do Not update the phone if it asks".
She did it anyway.... luckily for me it appears it did not work. She's still on V5 and the phone works fine and apparently not asking to update anymore.
My phone is still asking me to update which I have not. My phone is set up a little different then hers and I'm not chancing the update yet.... My luck it would brick....