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[Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Can't change 4G status bar icon color? Even with Gravitybox?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slvmchn, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. slvmchn

    slvmchn Lurker
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    Hi all,
    First time poster, gotta say this forum has been a lifesaver for me.
    Phone is rooted, deodexed stock rom on there, that overclock kernel, the works.
    I'm getting real close to having everything set up how I like, but this 3g/4g icon in the status bar WILL NOT CHANGE COLORS. Gravitybox does the trick for all the other icons (at least the ones on the right, doesn't seem to change the ones on the left like email, sms, etc notifications). But no matter what settings I try, this stupid 3g/4g icon stays that ugly teal blue color.
    If anyone can recommend an xposed module that can do this, I'm all ears... tried a few others but they didn't work, and usually would conflict with gravitybox.
    Is it possible to somehow edit the System UI.apk ? I glanced over something where someone said they were doing that (found it googling though so was a different device)... it'd also be nice to have the green in the menus throughout the device, where it's that terrible blue... is it possible to change out the hex color value in a file somewhere to do this?
    I'm open to other alternatives. It's not the end of the world but I'm loving the green theme I've set up and that bit of blue just stands out like an eyesore to me.
    Also maybe I can swap it out for another icon but couldn't seem to get that working at all, or is it possible to hide it entirely? Is there some other module I should use instead of Gravitybox (because some seemed to conflict with it also, maybe there's a separate combination of modules I can use?)?
    Anyways thanks guys, even if I can't figure this out this forum has been a godsend in terms of tweaking and getting things to my liking.

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  2. slvmchn

    slvmchn Lurker
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    So managed to get it working, sort of. Had to go in and manually swap out some PNG's in SystemUI.apk with some from another theme (believe it was baldypal's green theme). kinda buggy, the 3g/4g icons are too small, and when the data starts and stops transferring it moves the icon over a little bit, but other than that I'm happy.
    turns out you CAN go to town in those system .apk's to tweak stuff... but beware, back up your SystemUI.apk because I had to swap it back in a few times when I lost my wallpaper/status bar.
    Really can't wait for the bootloader to get unlocked so I can just use a custom ROM, but I feel proud of how much I was able to tweak the deodexed stock rom.
    Now I just need to get the sd card link working for apps and I'll be good to go!
    Added a CPU speed reader up top and some toggles top right for different clock speeds (max OC, "regular" clock (slightly underclocked for battery tho, 1ghz), downclocked to 540mhz, then minimum clock with the power saver governor).
    Any other suggestions? to tweak specific notification icons I have to go into the .apk for the respective app, correct?

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