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[Virgin Mobile/Sprint] optimus f3 build.prop tweaks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by masterdbugger, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. masterdbugger

    masterdbugger Newbie
    Thread Starter

    A Couple things I've found:

    Ro. Lge.capp_lockscreen=false disables optimus lock screen and enables aosp lockscreen
    Ro.lge.capp_resource=false removes gray bar from bottom of aosp lockscreen

    Set to a number 0-4 to change boot animation
    0 is stock lg
    1 is sprint
    2 is boost
    3 is virgin mobile

    Ro.lge.capp_optimusui=false changes some system theme stuff to aosp, such as power button menu, installing and removing apks, etc

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  2. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    I knew of the boot animation stuff, but the systemui one is new to me, I will try it, and if you don't mind can I use that in my rom? That makes it one more step closer to stock AOSP :)

    Thanks for the find!
  3. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    After changing the build.prop I don't see really any changes in the system UI, maybe it didn't stick. I like the find though man!
  4. rklatte

    rklatte Newbie

    I appreciate this find. I had previously "enabled" the AOSP lockscreen by renaming the LG one (LockScreen3.apk in /System/App) but it had dark font and the gray bar at the bottom. Now my lockscreen looks much better (see attachment). I achieved the transparent status bar using GravityBox with transparency set to 57%.

    The optimusui=false setting does change a bunch of pop-up menus from white with black text to black/dark-grey with white text. Power menu is the most obvious example.

    EDIT: I use Nova Launcher. Not sure if lockscreen transparency works as described when using LGHome (stock) launcher.

    Attached Files:

  5. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    I do not get the black UI stuff changed, I have even rebooted a few times and double checked that the file did save. I even flashed the file by making a flashable zip, no changes I saw in UI.
  6. masterdbugger

    masterdbugger Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hmm, you may have to clear the davlik cache, I'm not entirely sure. By all means use these tweaks in your ROM, that's what I posted them here for
  7. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    Strange, even after changing them in my ROM (As of version 14) it still does not show me what is described...
  8. masterdbugger

    masterdbugger Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm using the v8 ROM, its possible that it doesn't work on v7? Rklatte, what version are you on?
  9. rklatte

    rklatte Newbie

    I'm on v7. And I didn't clear dalvik cache for what it's worth. Maybe it's a combination with gravity box, although I couldn't find any settings in gravity box that reverted it.

    Overall it's not like it changes a lot of the UI. So far I've seen it on the power menu, volume panel and the pop up menu from long pressing on a message thread in the LG messing app. To really achieve a more AOSP look some theming will be required.
  10. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    Yeah that is true, i integrated these changes with my latest rom with no visible changes seen. :(
  11. NeoZiggy

    NeoZiggy Android Enthusiast

    Didn't change any of the LG UI colors for me either. But the LG bootanimation was cool.

    If only we had a light sensor it would be cool to enable auto-brightness.
  12. masterdbugger

    masterdbugger Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just curious, for those who aren't getting the ui changes, is your rom deodexed?
  13. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    Sorry for the late response, yes actually it is. That might be the problem here.
  14. rklatte

    rklatte Newbie

    I doubt it, I'm running xclusive86's deodexed V7 ROM and the changes do work.

    I wonder if some GravityBox or other Xposed module is the difference. I can try disabling all Xposed tweaks later and see what happens.
  15. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    I have no xposed modules running, with these modifications and still no dice.
  16. rklatte

    rklatte Newbie

    I usually have several Xposed modules and thought that one of these might be enabling the build.prop mods. I just disabled Xposed and rebooted to test this theory - the UI mods stuck, so the difference isn't b/c of Xposed.

    Do you have any other build.prop edits?
  17. sandix

    sandix Android Enthusiast

    I have the edits you have in the OP, and then I change the build number on my ROM so people know what version they are running
  18. rklatte

    rklatte Newbie

    This is a late reply, but I found out that the ro. lge.capp_resource tweaks seems to be required for the ro. lge.capp_optimusui to work properly.

    In other words, set both to false in order to see the gray bar removed and white text (not black) on the AOSP lockscreen and for the black background to replace the white on various UI features (volume, power menu, app installs, etc)

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